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History of Medicine at the Longshop Museum!

Key Stage 2 children had a fantastic time visiting the Longshop Museum at Leiston recently. They dressed up in Victorian costumes and even brought a Victorian packed lunch with them! All through the day, they did a variety of activities, including handling old-fashioned medical objects, learning about great Victorian medical discoveries and role-play, putting themselves in the role of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Britain’s first female doctor! Incidentally, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was the niece of one of the owners of the engineering works, which used to be on the site of the Longshop Museum.

Charles, in Year 5, says, ‘I enjoyed myself there, and especially enjoyed handling the objects. We looked at things like a Victorian bed pan.’

Lewis, in Year 5, says, ‘There was also a Victorian stethoscope. It made a big noise, like a dinosaur.’

Zoe, from Year 5, says, ‘I wasn’t so keen on my Victorian packed lunch, but I did like dressing up as a maid.’

Anyone who wants to visit the Longshop Museum, with their own family, can find details on their website.

If you would like to find out more about the life of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, visit the website below.
BBC Bitesize – KS2 Science – Proud to be a Doctor