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Hollowford 2018 Day 3

The crushing sense of disappointment – an unusual feeling to experience at Hollowford – but one that, thanks to the football, the children all went to bed feeling! Still, I suppose it’s all just a part of learning to be English!

Thankfully, the day had been balanced with lots of the other: the uplifting joy of success and victory! Today was the day we walked up Mam Tor, the large hill (not a mountain, we’ve been told) that looms over the town of Castleton. It’s a long way up and a very steep walk in places, but we set off this afternoon with enthusiasm and gusto, carrying extra water and taking extra rests to combat the heat. At least it clouded over during our walk – the morning group had contended with blazing sunshine too. The views from the top were stunning and we were able to watch a pair of paragliders taking off from the top too. The world-record-breaking paraglider – Carter (who is famous for having paraglided over 200 miles from Castleton to the Thames estuary) – was above us, and waved when we cheered his name.

George’s nose unfortunately started leaking once again as we set off back to base, so he was medevacked back to the centre. He was disappointed that the rescue vehicle was a minibus rather than a helicopter. He is all patched up again now. Other injuries today included a grazed knee for Rebecca and a sore ankle for Grace, but they are bearing all with good humour and it certainly didn’t stop them from shouting at the football for 120 minutes along with everyone else!

This morning we went for a walk around Hollowford, where we visited Peveril Castle and spent our £10: it’s amazing just quite how many presents can be bought for £10 (and quite how many sweets). When we got back to the centre we were met by signs put up by the centre staff who were so delighted with the clean and tidy state of our rooms they awarded us with certificates – so well done especially Kyle, Jaydan, Finlay and Brajan who won the tidiest room on their corridor: bet you weren’t expecting that, mums and dads!

Tomorrow, hopefully, we can put this evening’s game behind us, remember that football’s only a game (sorry!) and start having fun again. We have another day of activities, followed by Hollowford’s Got Talent!

[Sorry there are no photos today – I have had a technical issue with my memory stick, so can’t download all the lovely pictures of the children in the castle and on the top of Mam Tor. Perhaps someone will be able to sort it out for me when I get back to school. I will use the other SD card tomorrow.]