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Congo Class

Congo Class Fri 27th March

Day 5

Good morning, Class, and well done!  You’re nearing the end of your first week of home learning.  I hope it has gone well for families.

Today is a day to ‘tie up’ learning, as next week is a new week.  Keep going with your learning packs, too. You might also want to spend some time on Friday afternoon reviewing your week, and thinking about what went well and what you might want to change for next week.  Please do send in some pictures of your learning.

On Fridays, we usually do spellings and times tables tests.  Could you do these at home?How about using to practice your tables? 

It might also be good to practise some of your very best handwriting, as this is something we often do on Fridays, too.  How about an A-Z of places in the UK?  Write each one 3 times, and remember to start with a capital (which doesn’t join, does it?).

And fingers crossed that the sun carries on shining over the weekend.  Have a great one, everybody!