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Congo Class

Congo Class Thurs 26th March

Day 4

Good morning, Congo Class.

I’m not going to put too much on here today, as I’m hoping you will be carrying on with work you’ve started over the last few days.

Here are some reminders:

  • Keep going with your Learning Pack. By now, you should be feeling quite confident about place value, direct and reported speech and fronted adverbials, depending on your year group
  • If you fancy something a little extra for literacy, have a browse on The Literacy Shed, and watch a short film, to inspire you to write a short story, poem or recount. The Great Animations Shed, Dream is good, as is The Myths and Legends Shed, The Dragon Slayer
  • Remember your reading. Find something you like and enjoy. You have the luxury of reading twice a day now (at least)!
  • Have a practice of those spellings, like you do for Early Work. How about making some word spirals, starting with the first letter in the middle, and twisting the page, working out? Or making some cards for a game?
  • Thursday afternoon is science usually. Look at suggestions I’ve put earlier this week, and think how you might want to develop your learning. Do you have a scientific question you might want to test? Do all the garden ants live in the same place? Does the warmest (or dampest) place have the most wildlife?
  • Practise some times tables? Challenge yourself!
  • And, if you’ve read this far, you deserve a bit of fun. Type a well-known animal into Google, scroll down and hit the 3-D button. Enjoy