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Yangtze Class

Yangtze Class Wed 25th March

Day 3

Hello Yangtze Class

I’ve really enjoyed seeing photos of you busy at home and the work you are doing. I am putting examples onto the Yangtze pages of the website, which you can find here:

This is Percy’s solution to the ‘Fitted’ nrich challenge – well done Percy, move your name up the rocket!

And here is Keith’s excellent handwashing poster.

Did anyone else have a go at the handwashing challenge? Remember to email me your work and we’ll add it to this page.


Over the next few days in English, I would like to work on planning and writing a recount (with a flashback) about the Great Storm of Dunwich in 1286. Over a few days, I would like you to research and create a character, think about how the storm would have affected your character, then write your story (starting with the most dramatic point then flashing back to fill in the gaps).

For your English lesson today, I would like you to use the attached sheet to think about who your character is. If you don’t have a printer, simply copy the headings into your book.

Start by watching this video of Storm Ophelia hitting the towns of Cornwall in 2017. The cliffs in Cornwall are made of rock. Imagine what it would have been like for the people of Dunwich as the storms hit their fragile, sandy cliffs.

In order to plan who your character is, use the websites below to research and think about the kind of people that would have lived and worked in Dunwich at the time of the storm. Your character could be:

  • A boy who helps his fisherman father at the docks – how will they cope if their boat is wrecked or the harbour is blocked by shingle?
  • The daughter of a rich merchant who lives in a house overlooking the market square – she might be proud, but perhaps she will be rescued by someone she would ordinarily look down on.
  • A pilgrim in Dunwich on their way to Jerusalem – perhaps he has had something important stolen from him.
  • A girl who helps her mother run a market stall – perhaps her house will be swept away and she will have to escape.
  • An orphan who is looked after by the monks in one of the monasteries – perhaps one that is too close to the cliff.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, research what medieval life would have been like in Dunwich. This website is aimed at slightly older children, but it has good information to take notes from: or the Duckster’s site here:

Once you have some ideas, use the sheet to add detail to your character.


Today, you might also want to have a go at this online safety work which has been created by CEOP – the Thinkyouknow website.


Finally. Each year, children in Yangtze Class raise money to buy all the children in Year 6 a leaver’s hoodie. Normally we do the Grow a Pound challenge and sell things in school, but that won’t be possible this year. If you have any ideas for ways in which we could raise the money needed, please email them back to me and we will see how we can go about doing it. Ideas so far include a sponsored reading challenge, or a sponsored exercise challenge, but I’m sure you’ll have some creative ideas too.

Have a good day. 

Send me a picture of your work if you would like me to comment.

Mr Leicester

PS: What did the science book say to the maths book?

Wow – you’ve got problems.