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Congo Class

Congo Class Weds 20th May

I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine today; wasn’t it great?

By now, you should all have a plan for your suspense story, and be ready to start writing tomorrow!

Here are some top tips:

  • Write in the first person (I) and the past tense (most of it)
  • Remember those great features of suspense you have practised; use them, especially the strong description and short sentences
  • Don’t forget it’s the Stone Age, so get some Stone Age detail in, like stone weapons or flint tools
  • You don’t have to write it from start to finish; you could write the bits about going through the door and then coming out at the end first, then leave the rest for later
  • Don’t forget ‘Think, say, write, breathe, check’
  • Don’t forget to read your work after, to check it makes sense

Maths tomorrow is converting decimals and fractions.  There are two challenges; Good or BestScience tomorrow is about functions of a plant for Year 4, and phases of the moon for Year 5 (see planning for more details)

Lovely work seen today from Lexi, plus some great editing from Jacob and some lovely maths and art from Autumn.   Keep sending in all your work.  Friday will be our last Virtual Superstar of the Week before half-term!