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Congo Class

Congo Class: Week beginning Monday 20th July – The Final Push!

Wow. It’s the last few days, and everybody has worked so hard this year! In school, we would still have some structure and be keeping children busy, although the adults would all be very busy sorting and tidying!

For these last few days, I have looked for some fun ‘transition-type’ activities, as well as the ‘regular’ activities. Many children tell me they love the comprehension sheets, so here are the last two, about Cats (Year 4) and Cycling (Year 5). Personally, I’m happy for you to just read. I have also added my own open letter to the class. I would really appreciate it if all the children were able to have a read of it. If any children want to write their own, then add some of their own photos or illustrations, it would be lovely to display these here next week, as a way of saying goodbye to each other. I have included some editable border paper below, although most children will be able to make their own. If you don’t fancy writing, then how about a photo-montage or a poster to show us what you have been up to?

I have also added the maths and English summer booklets, which I know not all children have done.

Please don’t forget the Summer Reading Challenge this year. It’s on the theme of The Silly Squad. Libraries are opening again and, after so many weeks when children have had to read and reread their own books, this is a fantastic opportunity to get some more reading material. I would say, if you do one thing to catch up this summer, do some reading! If you want any advice on good books and authors, I can help a little, but the librarians will be so much better.

A big well done for all your work this week, especially these great newspaper reports. Mr Leicester has been really impressed, too.

And great work, Riley, who is our Superstar of the Week (see our home page for more details)!