Colorado Class Home Learning Pictures

Well done to all the children who have completed another week of home learning. The end of term is looming, so don’t forget to keep sending in your work and photos as there are only three more weeks left to be awarded the ‘Virtual Star of the Week’.

Liam was competing in a standing triple jump competition.
Oscar has been busy.

Colorado Class Letters

We have not been together for so long now and I know some of you have really been missing your friends. Therefore, I thought it would be wonderful if each one of you wrote a letter to the whole class to help cheer each other up and to keep in touch.

If you would like your letter to be added here, send me a copy, either hand written or typed, along with permission from your parents allowing me to upload your work.

Colorado Class Learning for the week commencing 22nd June


Year 2- week 3

Year 3-week 3

Additional Maths Work

Additional Literacy Tasks



Weekly Plan

Colorado Home Learning Pictures

With another week nearly over, it is time for us to look at what we have been up to at home. It is great to see photos of our classmates and to know we are all well and healthy. I know many of you are missing each other so I hope these updates cheer you up!

Alex has been doing research in Science.

Callum has had an active week.

What amazing art work Callum.

Liam has been busy too, not only with his work but winning more athletic competitions- congratulations to you Liam!

Here is Scott’s science work and a poem he wrote.

Sonny has had a fantastic week, this week, he has produced some top quality work!

Summer Time by Sonny

summer time is here,

crops growing everywere,

Bilding sandcasles on the beach,

Colecting pebbles is a treat ,
Having padles in the sea,

eating fish and chips for tea,

the sun is hot and bright, 

It even feels warm at night,
Time to eat a lolle,

so put up a brolly,

the sun tans my skin,

We go to the beach whith  Finn,
shells hiding up in the sand,

I pick sand up in my hand,

Swimming time is fun,

Splashing all day long.

Oscar has completed a lot of work this week.

Ted has enjoyed completing his school work and has been baking too.

Ted wanted me to show you this picture. He has discovered a new app that encourages him to clean his teeth properly. It is called ‘Pokemon Smile’. He says it is really fun and you can wear different hats and unlock different characters.

William has been a busy bee at home. He loves his French lessons.

Here are a selection of pictures of the activities that James has enjoyed doing throughout Lockdown.

Hannah has been following in the footsteps of her mum, as well as getting some exercise.

Alex has enjoyed completing the new workbooks and he loves French.

Liam has created this wonderful piece of art work.

Colorado Home Learning w/c 15th June


Year 2 – Week 2

Year 3 – Week 3

Additional Maths

Additional Literacy




Weekly Plan

Additional Work

Home Learning Pictures from Colorado Class

As another week comes to an end, I would like to share with you the pictures that have been sent in from all the hard-working home learners. We know it isn’t always easy to feel motivated to learn from home so well done to you all for continuing to keep up with the work and for your resilience and perseverance. We are so proud of you!

I have received a lot of feedback from parents saying that the workbooks are really popular. This is really good to hear and I am glad you are enjoying completing them.

Keep the pictures coming in. I will upload them onto the website each Friday. In order for the pictures to be added to the class page, I must receive them by 9 am Friday morning with permission to post them.

Alex enjoys the French games.

Here are some of the children who are enjoying using the workbooks.

Levi showed us how much work he has done during lockdown. Look at all the printing!
No wonder the workbooks are popular.

Look at the wonderful art work you have produced this week.

Oliver’s collage
Here is Poppy creating her art work.
The final piece!
Scott gave his artwork a sea theme.
Look at William’s artwork.
Here is another piece of art William made.

Some children have sent in their funny poems which made us laugh.

Scott’s first poem. Wonderful work, well done!
Scott’s nonsense poem.
Ted wrote this super poem.
William enjoyed writing silly sentences.

Here are the other activities you have been enjoying this week.

Ted has loved exploring Purple Mash.
Ted also used his lego bricks to make ‘Stonehenge’.
William completed his work for history.
Levi has been looking after his new pet chicken called Fluffy.
What a funny place to keep a chicken!
Look at the origami Scott has done.
Sonny has continued to enjoy gardening.
Here is Sonny’s maths from last week.
A super poster, Sonny. It is so neat and well laid out.

We have some keen bakers in the class.

Look at the yummy pizza Sonny made.
What a tasty sandwich too, Sonny!
Callum baked these goodies for his Grandad’s birthday.

Colorado Home Learning for the week commencing 8th June

There are not so many documents to download this week as most of the maths and English work is based in the targeted workbooks.

Please remember to keep in touch so we know how you are getting on with home learning and don’t forget to send in the photos for the website.

We are still committed to helping families who are learning from home, so if you need any help or advice please send an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Year 2- Week 1

Year 3- Week 1

Tuesday 9th June


Wednesday 10th June



Thursday 11th June



Friday 12th June



Art Project


Colorado Home Learning

Well done, you have almost completed you first week back! It has been wonderful to see how enthusiastic you have been after having a week off. Thank you to all the parents that has been in touch to inform us on how you are getting on. Let’s have a look at what you have been up to…

A massive well done to Charlotte! She is a World Record Breaker for taking part in the largest online art lesson. We are proud of you!
Ted has enjoyed exploring capacity.
Ted has also made the most of the sunny weather.

What wonderful poems you have written, Ted!

This is a poem written by Alex.
Can you see the form of poem that Alex has written here?
Scott has written a poem about a dragon.
Well done, Scott, this is a fantastic poem.
Jacob has written this super poem.
Here is another poem Jacob wrote.
Jacob also made this poster for Science.
Jacob has done extra work on expanded noun phrases.
Jacob has completed all of the capacity work for maths.
Jacob has worked on his lock-down diary
Jacob looked up the meaning of new words.
Tobie made this amazing egg and toast mouse.
Tobie has worked hard with his reading and comprehension skills.
Tobie and his brothers made this superb cake.
Poppy has enjoyed baking this week.
She used her granny’s special recipe.
Can you guess what Poppy is making?
That’s right, cheese straws, my favourite! Don’t they look delicious?!
Well done Poppy.
Liam enjoyed writing poetry.
Here is the work Liam has done in literacy.
Liam used coins to create art work.
Can you spot a pattern?
Look at the art that Liam made here!
Well done.
Oscar has been cooling off in the river.
Oscar has enjoyed maths this week too.
What wonderful work, well done, Oscar!
Oscar made a poster for Science.
Here is some of his literacy work.
William got stuck into maths as well.
William has investigated the capacity of different tubs.
William is about to measure how much water this pot can hold.
Great maths work, William.
William also wrote some lovely poems too.
Callum made a great poster for Science.
Callum has found a passion for baking.
Maybe you should enter the Junior Bake Off competition?
Callum’s nanny has been making face masks for hospitals and care homes.
Callum tried one on while he made a cheesecake.
He has also been writing amazing poetry.
Callum worked hard with maths this week too.
Alex has enjoyed baking this week.
What a cracking job you did, Alex!
Alex carefully measured the flour.
Look at that tasty looking mixture!
What scrumptious looking cookies you made, Alex!

Colorado Home Learning for week commencing 1st June

Welcome back to the second half of the Summer term. We hope you had a lovely week off and got to enjoy the lovely sunny weather.

As it is time to settle back in to home learning, here are some resources to help you. Don’t forget to send photos (with permission) of your learning (and the other fun things you are up to) for us to add to the class page of the website.

Guided Reading

Year 2

Year 3


Year 2 – week 6

Year 3 – week 6

Monday 1st June


Challenge 2

Challenge 3



Tuesday 2nd June


Challenge 2

Challenge 3


Wednesday 3rd June


Challenge 2

Challenge 3


Challenge 1 and Challenge 2


Thursday 4th June


Challenge 2

Challenge 3

Friday 5th June


Challenge 2

Challenge 3


Colorado Home Learning Pictures

We are so proud of the whole class for the fantastic attitude to home learning that you have had over this last half-term. You have worked so hard and we are delighted to see the variety of activities you have completed. Well done Colorado Class!!

We all hope you have a wonderful break from work next week and enjoy your week off. Have fun and stay safe.

What an amazing Stonehenge model, Liam! Well done.
Poppy spent a long time constructing Stonehenge.
Here is the finished construction. What a magnificent masterpiece!
Look at the shadows it casts.
Well done, Poppy!
Here is Oliver’s impressive construction, it looks so realistic. Well done, Oliver!
Look how William created his Stonehenge model. Fantastic work, William!
Look at Oscar’s brilliant model.
It is casting shadows too.
Charlotte invited the class to take part in trying to help Rob Biddulph break a Guinness World Record by joining in with an online art lesson. Here is the picture they created in the lesson.
Oscar joined in too.
I wonder if the Guinness World Record was broken?
Scott has worked hard this week, especially with division and multiplication.
Look at Levi’s incredible picture. I loved the details that he included.
Look at what Oscar made!
Oscar has completed all of his work for the week. Well done.
Here is another tune Oscar has learnt.
Oscar created this wonderful poster.
Callum enjoyed writing his explanation on seed dispersal.
Callum discussed seed dispersal while on his walk too.
Callum tried to help his sister make an aeroplane when his dog decided to lend a hand too.
Callum made this poster.
Callum has taken an interest in fishing.
Callum completed his French work.
William has been practising his dictionary skills.
William has enjoyed maths.
Liam wrote a wonderful explanation.
Can you see the conjunctions he used?
Watch how Charlotte made these seeds disperse.
Alex has worked hard with division using the bus stop method.
As well as dividing by making equal jumps on a numberline. Good work, Alex.
William has been working hard in maths.
Look at all the multiplications he has done using the grid method.
Well done, William.
William then went on to solve problems.
William has been practising using a dictionary.
William loves French.
Well done, William.
William has been climbing trees.
We hope you didn’t go too high!
Sophia loves French lessons.
What a clever way to put words into alphabetical order, Sophia!
Sophia completed her literacy work.
Sophia has been working hard in science.
Well done, Sophia.
Sophia has been working hard in maths.
What a good poster, Sophia.
Well done for challenging yourself, Sophia.
I am so proud of you for creating this stall for VE Day.
Oscar has loved doing multiplication in maths this week.
Oscar completed his science experiment.
Look at Oscar’s stone art.
Oscar has written his explanation on seed dispersal.
Well done, you have presented your work well.
Super pictures too, Oscar.