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Wednesday 22nd July 2020; we’re finally there!

Here is the class football (or what’s left of it), also known as the Lockdown Football, which, for me, will represent our time outside enjoying the sunshine and playing together. I’m sure our home learners have also enjoyed more time outside this school year too.

And now we’re finally finished, here are a few pieces of work and news.

Great open letters from some of you; please read them and enjoy them.

Well done, Lily, with all your cycling; one hundred miles plus, and all for a very worthy cause – Banham Zoo. Donation details below:–_page_launched_–_charity&utm_content=1b91c491-ff6a-440e-b200-b26ff6233a23&utm_medium=email&utm_source=postoffice&utm_term=1591813071979


We are proud of you, Riley, for coming into school with a smile, and also for your work at home. You were able to get straight down to writing a newspaper report, as you had spent time at home thinking about and planning the characters and events. You have slotted intoImage.jpeg a new class with different children and different routines. That’s a sign of your growing maturity. Great work, Riley. 

Congo Class: Week beginning Monday 20th July – The Final Push!

Wow. It’s the last few days, and everybody has worked so hard this year! In school, we would still have some structure and be keeping children busy, although the adults would all be very busy sorting and tidying!

For these last few days, I have looked for some fun ‘transition-type’ activities, as well as the ‘regular’ activities. Many children tell me they love the comprehension sheets, so here are the last two, about Cats (Year 4) and Cycling (Year 5). Personally, I’m happy for you to just read. I have also added my own open letter to the class. I would really appreciate it if all the children were able to have a read of it. If any children want to write their own, then add some of their own photos or illustrations, it would be lovely to display these here next week, as a way of saying goodbye to each other. I have included some editable border paper below, although most children will be able to make their own. If you don’t fancy writing, then how about a photo-montage or a poster to show us what you have been up to?

I have also added the maths and English summer booklets, which I know not all children have done.

Please don’t forget the Summer Reading Challenge this year. It’s on the theme of The Silly Squad. Libraries are opening again and, after so many weeks when children have had to read and reread their own books, this is a fantastic opportunity to get some more reading material. I would say, if you do one thing to catch up this summer, do some reading! If you want any advice on good books and authors, I can help a little, but the librarians will be so much better.

A big well done for all your work this week, especially these great newspaper reports. Mr Leicester has been really impressed, too.

And great work, Riley, who is our Superstar of the Week (see our home page for more details)!

Wednesday 15th July – Congo Class

Well done to you all for reaching your last full week. Please would you send in work any time from Thursday onwards this week. It’s extra points up the rocket this week, too!

And well done, Zac, for being the first to send in your newspaper report on the Must Farm fire.

Well done, Congo Class

Well done to Belle, for being our Superstar of the Week (see the home page). It’s great when children are able to work so hard when they are both in school and at home, like Belle, over the week.

And a belated well done for a beautiful bag from our No Plastic Bags Day last week. I have even seen this bag being used!

Great sewing and embroidering!

A big well done to Thomas, who has been improving his typing and keyboard skills; very useful. We’re also proud of Zac, who has been ahead of the game, and finished his newspaper report, as he is in school next week.

Autumn has been really busy with some great multiplication and history; well done, Autumn.

Some great detective work, identifying the artefacts excavated at Must Farm.

Last week is your very last whole week of the school year. So please, let’s all have a final big push and send me your lovely work, from Monday through to Friday!

Planning for week beginning Monday 13th July 2020 – Congo Class

A massive well done to all home teachers, as well as home learners; we are now in the ‘home straight’! In this last week, it would be fantastic if children were to able to get their newspaper report finished (more on the planning sheet below) and to feel confident using written methods for multiplication and division. For science and history, we are aiming to ‘wrap up the learning’. For other foundation subjects, I know families have been either working from the plans from the start of this half-term (see planning sheet) or doing some of their own creative and physical activities.


Maths (for children who were in school last week)

Maths (additional)


Year 4

Year 5

Friday 3rd July – Congo Class

What a great week we’ve had, and what a great day! Today was International No Plastic Bag day. Well done to everyone who looked on the websites, played the game and/or made a newspaper bag. They were trickier than they looked, weren’t they? And I’m afraid the in-school learners would NOT have earned enough to support their families. We found it quite an eye-opener. If you and your family would like to do more to help support initiatives like paper-bag making, then look at the link below.

Well done also to children who have been learning about friction in science and practising their athletics skills for PE.

Great racing, boys.
That bag looks beautiful!
Snazzy yellow handles improve things.
Mind your fingers on that machine!
Investigating water resistance; great work!

Wednesday 1st July 2020 – Congo Class

Half way through the week, and well done everybody, with those newspaper reports! From discoveries of a new planet to amazing cycle rides and lucrative lottery wins, I have had a great selection. Please continue to send these in to me. Next week we will be building up our knowledge and skills in writing newspaper reports. In the meantime, please read any newspapers or magazines you can get hold of and home. And on the subject of newspapers, do you have a few for No Plastic Bag Day on Friday?

Here is a great website, if children like to read their news online.

If you’ve done your workbook pages, or fancy an additional maths challenge, here are some activity booklets, which I think are rather good.

Friday 26th June 2020 – Congo Class

Well done to all of Congo Class; at home, in school or a bit of both. It has been great to see and hear about such enthusiasm for your learning. Over the week, those limericks just got funnier and funnier. And it has been lovely hearing the ways you have all been keeping cool.

A big well done to Imogen, who is our Virtual Superstar of the Week, and to Kai, who is our in-school Superstar. Kai has made great progress with both his reading and his football skills this week, and is always so polite, kind and considerate to everyone in school.

Here is a selection of learning this week.

Autumn has been finding out more about Vivian Wong
Great coil pots in the style of the Bronze Age Beaker People
What imaginative 3-d art!
Multicoloured sand art
Investigating air resistance
Well done, Willow. Those 2-d shapes using co-ordinates are accurate, as well as neat