Danube Class 24th March

Hi Class Danube, I hope you have had a good first day of home-schooling. Each week day I will put a video on YouTube. Today’s video can be found on the link:

It would be great if you could have a go at 1 Maths worksheet and 1 Literacy worksheet from the home learning pack each day and read for at least 5 minutes.

Today’s extra challenge is to create a rainbow and put it in your window for others to see. Here is an example I found online:

Image result for rainbow in windows

I would love to see your rainbows, so it would be great if you wanted to email them to me.

Keep Smiling,
Miss Adamson.

Shrove Tuesday

Today in Class Danube we have been learning about Shrove Tuesday. We made our own pancakes and added tasty toppings to them; they were delicious! Next we used our sense to think of descriptive vocabulary to use in our poems about pancakes. After that we discussed the story behind lent and why it is important for Christians to celebrate it. This involved us thinking about how Jesus felt and the lead up to Good Friday.  We had a great day learning about why it is traditional to eat pancakes, what happens on Ash Wednesday and why Christians give something up for lent.

Our Winter Forest Day

For our winter day we spent the whole day outside enjoying the signs of winter in our outside areas. We had a great time building dens, making winter prints, singing winter songs, creating bracelets and drawing winter pictures. We also spent time in the digging area, identified trees by their buds or bark and made bug hotels. We talked about the different animals that hibernate in the winter and made winter habitats for different animals. It was a fantastic, fun-filled day!