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Congo Class

Welcome to the Congo Class At-Home Hub!

Here you will find all the things you need to keep learning at home during this difficult time. Log on each day to see the latest suggestions, to find links to great things you can do both online and off, to see photos of your friends at work at home, and examples of the work they are doing. Send us what you are learning before 9 am each day, and you may well see it here! Any great, interesting or original work or photos, any top tips, or even a joke of the day; just email me. Let’s share our learning and living experiences.

Keep safe, busy and smiling, everyone!
Susan Perry

School Closure Letter For Children March 2020

School Closure Timetable Letter March 2020

Great work, Charlotte and family

I love the black and white filming – it really adds to the atmosphere.  And your narration is spot-on.  It really built up the tension.  Great ending! 

Congo Class Home Learning; week beginning Monday 11th January 2021

We are really getting into our Ancient Egyptians topic this week, and seem to have learned loads! Well done for all the home learning, and especially your fantastic photos and videos of your tombs. Here are a few below.

Plus some great photos from Thomas and Liam, who discovered teddy bear hieroglyphics in their tomb!

And a big well done for some great artwork from Jacob.

(Almost) half way through the week beginning Monday 11th January 2021

I know it’s not Friday yet, but I just wanted to post some amazing literacy and artwork by Scott and Jacob, two of our Year 4 learners. A big well done to them. Keep sending in your work, so I can add to this post. 😉

Well dones for the week beginning Monday 4th January 2020!

A massive well done to all our home learners this week; we saw you ALL on our live stream, which was great. The comments from your parents have been very positive too. We love the fact that you ALL seem to be engaging with the work. Another big well done to our school learners, who have also worked their socks off.

Special well dones to the following children:

  • Callum B, for being the first person to send me some work back
  • Poppy, who wrote a really long and detailed recount on the first day
  • Amelia, who made an amazing science poster on electricity (sorry, it won’t post it here)
  • Calum R, for a great start, getting some writing and maths back to me at the start of the week
  • Oliver and Martha, for speaking confidently and clearly online
  • Charlotte, for using the comments on Google Classroom in a constructive way (to apologise when her family couldn’t make a meeting)
  • Chloe, for the neatest ever Early Work
  • Sophia, who worked enthusiastically in school all morning, then worked from home in the afternoon too.
Beautiful use of colours, Oliver
Such tidy and accurate maths, Poppy
Tidy, imaginative science, William

Happy New Year 2021 to all Congo Class learners and their families!

All children’s current work will now be put on Google Classrooms. Please email me if you need log-in details.

Take care, all.

Ms Perry

Week ending Friday 11th December 2020

That Christmas tree of ours is looking very beautiful now! Well done for all those lovely decorations you have made. Every one is unique and interesting.

And another well done to all the children this week, for their stamina and maturity in two assessments; reading and maths. I am so proud of them. We’ve let our hair down and partied today. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Don’t drop that balloon! Congo Class’ Christmas party

Explorers Day!

Well done to everyone in Congo Class who dressed up (including the grown-ups)! What a busy day we had. Because we couldn’t visit the National Maritime Museum, they came to us.

We had two great digital sessions. The first was all about life aboard the Cutty Sark, and the second was about Maps, Charts and Globes. We also enjoyed writing like a Victorian boy, using a feather quill and ink. Finally, we travelled back to the modern day, and investigated the app What3Words, and had a look online at why it is so useful. Do you have it on your device?

Week ending Friday 27th November 2020

Many thanks for all those amazing book reviews. I will start putting them on here very soon.

The children have really enjoyed starting their new literacy block on newspaper reports. They have written some great Cold Writes and have been looking at different magazines and newspapers this week.

I was really impressed with Congo Class’s history this week, too. We are learning about Sir Francis Drake, and realising there can be two sides to a story. While Elizabeth I of England loved him, King Philip II of Spain did not; he even put out a reward for the head of Drake!

And many thanks to everyone who dressed up in their brightest clothes, to celebrate Brightness Day. Although this was great fun, we also talked about the importance of staying safe on the roads, as it is Road Safety Awareness Week this week. This year’s motto is NO NEED TO SPEED!. You can find out more on the link below.

Looking bright and safe for those dark winter nights

Congo Class Times Table

Children in Congo Class have been practising their times tables by making patterns from circles.  There are ten points on each circle, and the children count clockwise around the circle.  The top starts as zero, but then becomes ten after first counting round, then the next number one is worth eleven, the next number two worth twelve.  For each times table, there will be a unique pattern. The children have investigated these patterns, and were fascinated by how different each one was.  You can find out more about this from the link below:

Week ending Friday 20th November 2020

Congratulations to Congo Class for being maybe the first, but definitely the earliest, class to have EVERYBODY receive their Bronze Reading Certificate! Thank you to all parents/carers for your continued support helping your children with their reading.

The children have been listening to the story of Robinson Crusoe, and have recently finished some amazing adventure stories based on an escape from an island. It’s so good to read a story once you’ve written it, so they enjoyed reading their (socially-distanced, of course) stories to the children in Yangtze Class. Thank you, Yangtze, for being such a great audience, and for giving the children such positive feedback.

While we still have a bit of mild autumn weather, the children have been enjoying a bit of outdoor learning, creating autumn kebabs, using natural found objects. We weren’t expecting to find ripe tomatoes at this time of the year!