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Danube Class

Welcome to the Danube-Class-At-Home-Hub!

Here I will post different ideas you can use to keep learning at home during this difficult time. Have a look each day to see the latest suggestions. There will be links to things you can do online and photos of your friend’s work at home.

If you have anything you would like to contribute – super work, photos, great links to online activities, even a joke-of-the-day, then email me and I will add it to the next post.

Stay safe and well,
Miss Adamson

Class Danube Thursday 2nd April

Hi Class Danube,

We have made it to the end of term! I am so proud of every single one of you! The work you have sent me and the activities you have been doing has been amazing. I have been so impressed with how resilient you all are. This will be my last post on the website until after the Easter holidays but I will try to continue to add a YouTube video each week day (when I can). This won’t be things relating to what we would have been learning but more creative, artistic activities that will hopefully keep you busy for a while. Please don’t feel that you need to keep up with the YouTube videos during the holidays, they are optional encase you’d like an idea of fun activities to do.

Here is the link to today’s video, I hope you enjoy spotting my mistakes! I think my cat wanted to be in the video too!

For a literacy activity click on and watch the film clip about the meerkats. After you have watched it, have a go at describing the beautiful setting of the African plains.

Thank you for all the pictures you have sent in!

Bella, you have been up to so many exciting things!

That lamb must have been heavy!
It looks like you’re doing a very important Science experiment!

And Daisy has been doing lots of lovely things too!

The picture you created is beautiful!
The lamb looks very comfy on your knee!
I love the goggles, very professional!

Summer has made a beautiful chick and lamb along with her poem about spring. Well done Summer!

Finn has been extremely busy painting, cooking pancakes, researching his own geography topic, making a campfire (with marshmallows!) and much more…

It looks like you’re having a great time Finn!

And Oliver has been baking, making lots of things out of junk modelling, researching about plants, writing poems and much more…

Those cakes look delicious, you’ll have to send me the recipe!

Eden has worked so hard to find out what plants need to survive, you have presented your findings so beautifully and clearly Eden!

Thank you so much to all parents /carers for all the lovely emails, pictures and examples of learning. It makes my day seeing all the wonderful things you are all doing.

Have a lovely Easter break, you definitely all deserve the rest!

Stay safe, I will look forward to seeing you all soon!

Miss Adamson

Danube Class Wednesday 1st April

Hi Class Danube,

I hope you’re all having a great week so far!

Please find the link to today’s video:

Have a go at finding out what a plant needs to survive. You can use the internet or books to research. Then you can display the information how you like, for example a poster, leaflet or flyer.

So today is April fools day, rather than playing tricks on your family, I wonder if you could have a go at writing jokes together. I’ve written a couple for you to get you started:

How are false teeth like stars?

They come out at night!

How do you make an octopus laugh?

With ten-tickles!

I hope you enjoyed them! I would love to hear some of your jokes too!

I have received fantastic examples of work over the last day, well done all of you who are working hard and staying focused!

After watching yesterday’s video, Eden wrote a beautiful poem about Spring.

Your handwriting is fantastic Eden, well done!

R has been very busy with his learning, he’s been finding out about Picasso and has created a cubist picture. He has also been practising and recording his times tables, I think you can agree, they are very impressive and he’s in year 1!

And S has been become a scientist and created her own volcano:

It looks like great fun, I’m sure you enjoyed yourself!

Keep up the hard work, you’re almost at the end of the school term. As we say in class, you can almost reach the holidays with your finger tips!

Keep Smiling,

Miss Adamson.

Danube Class Tuesday 31st March

Hi Class Danube,

I hope you’re all well and keeping busy.

Please find today’s video below:

If you would like to share your poems with me, I will look forward to reading them.

I’ve heard from lots of your parents that you are really enjoying maths activities in your home learning packs. I wonder if you can do this maths challenge:

I have been so impressed with the learning you are doing at home! Well done S for making your own skirt. It is amazing, I think you’re going to have to teach me to sew!

Well done to those of you that made the poster explaining who Samuel Morse is! I loved receiving some examples of your work:

Fantastic work Scarlett!
I love how eye-catching your poster is Eden!

Very impressed with poems and pairs of rhyming words some of you have been doing too! Both examples from year 1’s who are having a go at writing cursively! Wow!

And E had a brilliant go at ordering not only all her teddies but her sister’s teddies too:

You have measured them so accurately, well Done E!

Thank you so much for the lovely pictures of your activities! Keep up the hard work and please feel free to send pictures of your work to me. It’s great to share what you are all up to.

Have a lovely day and keep smiling,

Miss Adamson

Class Danube Monday 30th March

Hi Class Danube,

I hope you all had a lovely, chilled weekend!

Here is the link to today’s video:

Sorry I didn’t explain the activity very well at the end, I’m very new to being a ‘YouTuber’! When you have listened to the story it would be great if you could think of rhyming words. You can either do this by thinking of a word and thinking of lots of words that rhyme with it/think of pairs of rhyming words, or you could play back the story and write down all the words that rhyme. You can present this by making a poster of rhyming words, use them in a poem or write a list of pairs of words that rhyme.

Phonics Activity Pack

Please find below a phase 5 phonics activity pack and answer booklet. This should keep you all busy this week and it’s a really good way to stay confident with your phonic knowledge while school is closed.

Thank you for the wonderful emails. It’s great to hear from so many of you.

I loved your ‘Friday feeling’ dance Daisy! You definitely got me in the weekend spirit on Friday.

N has been very creative last week, here are pictures of her man she’s made out of sticks and the whale she sewed herself. They are very impressive!

Well done to J too, after watching the YouTube video on Friday she put all of her teddies in height order.

Please feel free to send me emails/ pictures of the activities you have been up to. It would be lovely to add more examples of the wonderful things you are doing to the website.

I hope you all have a great week.

Stay safe,

Miss Adamson

Class Danube Friday 27th March

Hi Class Danube,

We have reached the end of the first home-schooling week. Well Done! I hope you’re all ready to do our Friday dance at the end of the day!

Here is today’s video:

I forgot to say while recording, if you would like to challenge yourself then it would be great if you could measure how tall each toy is. Don’t worry if you don’t have a tape measure – you could always measure them in lego blocks or something similar instead.

So today is usually our Maths morning – here are some ideas of activities you could do:

  • Practise counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s (you could always look back at the video from Monday to help you)
  • Order toys/teddies in height order like today’s video
  • See how high you can count – I bet none of you can count higher than 100. Prove me wrong!
  • Spot different 3D shapes in your house. Is your coffee table a cuboid? Is your clock a cylinder?
  • Practise telling the time.

Thank you so much for all the lovely emails this week! It’s great to see all the wonderful things you are doing each day.

A and T have been on lovely adventures across fields and A has been baking some shortbread biscuits. I bet they were delicious!

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and keep smiling!

Miss Adamson

Fantastic Examples of Home Learning from Class Danube

Lydia’s beautifully written instructions of how to bake a banana cake:

C:\Users\S.Adamson\Pictures\School Closure Pictures\Lydia's Recipe.jpg

Ed’s wonderful finger painting after listening to the story, Lost and Found:

C:\Users\S.Adamson\Pictures\School Closure Pictures\Ed's Lost Penguin.jpg

Danube Class Thursday 26th March

Hi Class Danube, I hope you’re starting to settle into learning at home, I know it’s all a bit of a change but it sounds like you’re doing brilliantly! Please find today’s video on the link below: In History we are still focusing on inventors. I know that lots of you are continuing with your project which is fantastic. This week, it would be great if you could research who Samuel Morse is and what he invented. When you’ve done that, it would be wonderful if you could make a poster about him. I would love to see any posters you make so feel free to email them to me. Today would normally be our Literacy morning. I wonder if you could write an adventure story imagining that you are a secret agent on a mission. What could your mission be? Are you a good secret agent or an evil one? I know that you all love writing stories so I thought it would be a fun activity that could keep you busy this afternoon. If you would like to share any work that you do, you can always email it to me. Keep Smiling, Miss Adamson.

Danube Class 25th March

Hi Class Danube,

I hope you’re all keeping well! A special well done to Oscar for your pictures of you working at home on your home learning pack. I know most of you are getting on really well with your learning; I’m very impressed!

Here is the link to today’s YouTube video:

Have a go at finding each part of a plant from your garden. Think about what we’ve learnt before and why each part of the plant is needed. See if you can explain this to your parents. If you can’t remember, it would be interesting to research online.

I had some lovely feedback about reading a story for yesterday’s video, thank you for that! A great website that you can listen to a story everyday is:

Thank you for all your feedback and well done for all your hard work! If I had a rocket at home, you’d all be on the moon by now.

Keep smiling,

Miss Adamson.

Danube Class 24th March

Hi Class Danube, I hope you have had a good first day of home-schooling. Each week day I will put a video on YouTube. Today’s video can be found on the link:

It would be great if you could have a go at 1 Maths worksheet and 1 Literacy worksheet from the home learning pack each day and read for at least 5 minutes.

Today’s extra challenge is to create a rainbow and put it in your window for others to see. Here is an example I found online:

Image result for rainbow in windows

I would love to see your rainbows, so it would be great if you wanted to email them to me.

Keep Smiling,
Miss Adamson.

Shrove Tuesday

Today in Class Danube we have been learning about Shrove Tuesday. We made our own pancakes and added tasty toppings to them; they were delicious! Next we used our sense to think of descriptive vocabulary to use in our poems about pancakes. After that we discussed the story behind lent and why it is important for Christians to celebrate it. This involved us thinking about how Jesus felt and the lead up to Good Friday.  We had a great day learning about why it is traditional to eat pancakes, what happens on Ash Wednesday and why Christians give something up for lent.