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Danube Class

Welcome to the Danube-Class-At-Home-Hub!

Here I will post different ideas you can use to keep learning at home during this difficult time. Have a look each day to see the latest suggestions. There will be links to things you can do online and photos of your friend’s work at home.

If you have anything you would like to contribute – super work, photos, great links to online activities, even a joke-of-the-day, then email me and I will add it to the next post.

Stay safe and well,
Miss Adamson

The Great Fire of London!

Today in Class Danube we looked at how the fire spread so quickly in Pudding Lane by burning our own model houses. We started the fire at the bakery that Emily created and then watched it spread quickly to all the other houses.

It was very interesting to discuss why the fire spread so easily and quickly. After the houses had burnt, we talked about fire safety and why it is so important to be careful with fire.

We had a great time learning about The Great Fire of London this term and burning the houses was a brilliant end to our topic!

Class Danube’s Letters for the Class

Well done to those who wrote their letters for the rest of the class, they are great!

Have an amazing summer and stay safe!

Miss Adamson

Class Danube Pictures

Hi Class Danube,

You have all done so well this term, I am really proud of you all! Here are some of the lovely things you’ve been up to:

Jayden has been super busy completing all the work set, finishing his Geography and Science projects and being very active! Well done Jayden!

Reuben has been working very hard, got a new pet hamster called Fluffy and been driving the digger. Your hamster is so cute Reuben!

Edward’s been super busy completing all his school work and doing so many exciting activities. He found grass snake eggs and a snake skin that’s almost 2ft in length!

Well done for all your hard work,

Miss Adamson


We are so proud of the focus and determination that you have shown during the whole lockdown period. I was particularly impressed with your Science and Geography projects. Your Science project is so detailed; you have included plans for meals, exercise and sleep and you’ve even worked out how many calories the person would consume each day if they stuck to your plan. Your Geography project is presented beautifully and I can tell how much your knowledge on the continents and oceans of the world has improved. Well done for all your hard work!

Class Danube Activities for our Last Week

Hi Class Danube,

Firstly I would like to say a HUGE well done and thank you for all of your hard work during this challenging time. I know how difficult it must be to stay motivated for such a long time at home but you’re doing an amazing job.

If you would like to watch today’s video and join me for the last Friday dance of the school year, find the link below:

Please find attached the activities for next week, hopefully your child will enjoy completing them.

The work is the same for both year groups and includes sports day activities for Tuesday.

Have a great last 3 days of home-schooling and enjoy your summer break, you really do deserve it!

Miss Adamson

Class Danube Home Learning Pictures

Hi Class Danube,

Well done for another fantastic week of learning at home! Thank you to everyone who has sent emails or pictures, it’s so lovely to hear what you’ve been up to!

Finn has been busy exploring, planting and working.

It looks like you’ve had a wonderful time and I love the look of your classroom at home! Well done Finn!

Jayden has been so busy with his learning!

I am so impressed with how motivated you have been every single week since lockdown started. You have completed everything I set and more, really proud of you!

Reuben has used a sowing machine to create his own snack bag for school. WOW! Well done Reuben!

Sienna has worked so hard on her Science project and it looks amazing!

You have recorded so many facts and presented your work beautifully! I love your artwork too, well done Sienna!

Summer has recorded so much information for her Geography project and the finished piece looks incredible!

You have also completed everything I set, read lots of different stories and drawn amazing pictures. Well done Summer!

Edward has had another very busy week completing all the work set and he’s also done lots of lovely activities too, has 6 new chicks and 3 baby boy guinea pigs! It sounds like you’ve had a very exciting week!

Archie’s had a very exciting week with lots of lovely family days out learning about different animals. The pizza you’ve made looks delicious too!

Thank you for all your lovely pictures!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Adamson

PSHE 13th July

RE 13th July 2020

Watch the video of Jonah and the Whale,

then have a think about God’s behaviour, and also Jonah’s.

Why did God punish Jonah?

How did Jonah feel at the end of this story?

If you were Jonah, what would you have done?

Class Danube Home Learning w/c 13.07.20

Hi Class Danube,

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week!

If you would like to listen to this week’s story and join me for the Friday dance, watch the link below:

Please find the work below for your child.

Year 1

Year 2

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Adamson

Class Danube’s Home Learning Pictures

Hi Class Danube,

Well done for all of your hard work this week! I’m really impressed with your motivation to continue to learn at home. Thank you to everyone who’s sent in pictures, we really enjoy seeing what you’re up to!

Edward, you have been so busy the last 2 weeks and completed all the school work set. You’ve also grown and eaten your own beans, swam in the sea, watched the farmers turning the hay and you’ve learned about the armed forces! Also I love the joke you sent it!

Lydia has been baking some cheesy hearts and stars which look delicious! Well done Lydia!

Oliver has continued to complete all of his learning brilliantly He is working very hard with his workbooks, on his projects and reading regularly too. Well done Oliver!

Summer’s been super busy with all her learning and her projects are looking amazing, she’s finding out about each continent fantastically. Well done Summer!

Jayden’s continued working extremely hard again this week. He always does everything I ask of him and more and today he’s even competing in a family sports day. Good luck Jayden, I hope you win some of your races!

Well done for all of your hard work this week!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Adamson