Class Danube – Amazing Learning at Home

Hi Class Danube,

I am so proud of everything you have achieved this half-term! I know it hasn’t always been easy to stay motivated with your learning but you have kept going and made it to half-term! Well done all of you! You have definitely earned your rest over the next week.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me emails, pictures and videos. I always look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to.

Here are a few things you’ve been doing this week:

Caleb, you have been very busy with all your work! I am really proud of you. I loved how well you presented your data in Science, it is very neat! I also thought you ordered the birthdays fantastically in Maths. Well done!

Edward, you have had another very busy week. I absolutely loved watching you swim and your video explaining your non-chronological report was very impressive! You are very confident in front of the camera – could be an actor or TV presenter in the making?

Eden, you always work so hard every week and never fail to impress me with the quality of the work you produce! I think we might have an artist in the making – your dinosaur picture is particularly impressive!

Jayden, you always do all the work I set and more! I am always so impressed with how focused you are with your learning! I loved the amount of facts you found out for your History project. Well done!

Lydia, I love the work you did on aliens! It is presented so beautifully, in fact, your work is always presented to such a high standard! I particularly like the aliens arms, they are so cool! Well done!

Maisie, you have been working really hard learning how to tell the time, well done!

Oliver, you work incredibly hard every single week and complete not only all the tasks I set you but additional activities too. You are always so positive with your learning and love to find out new things. Super proud of you!

Reuben, you have had another really busy week. I know you really enjoyed the International Museum Day and loved looking on Tate Modern website and creating some pop art. Well done!

Scarlett, you had a great day on International Museum Day creating lots of stick skeletons which are really impressive. Well done!

Sienna, you have been really busy this week doing so many different activities! You art work is always such a high standard! Well done!

Well done to all of you, you are always so positive, motivated and hard-working. I am really proud of the way you have adapted to learning at home!

Have a fantastic week off, stay safe and keep smiling!

Miss Adamson

Class Danube’s Home-Learning Pictures

Hi Class Danube,

You’ve had another fantastic week of home-learning, well done! Really impressed with how positive you all are! It may be difficult at the minute but you have shown how mature and resilient you all are and I am so proud of you all!

It makes my day to see the wonderful things you’ve been doing, here’s some lovely examples of the activities you’re enjoying.

Summer has been incredibly busy completing the work I sent and creating lots of amazing art work. You are so creative and everything you do is presented so beautifully. Here are a few examples of the wonderful things you’ve been up to:

Sienna, you always try so hard with the art activities! You are very creative and enjoy using your artistic skills in your work. I love how beautifully you presented your Science findings:

Reuben, you have had another very busy week with all your learning. You always challenge yourself to do all the work I set and you often give yourself extra work as you are very self-motivated. Here are some of the things you’ve been doing:

Oscar, you have enjoyed being outside and have done so many lovely things while exploring near where you live. You have been challenging yourself to read tricky books which I’m really impressed with!

Oliver, you have had another extremely busy week! You do everything and more that I set you each week and you are always so positive with your leaning. Here’s a few of the things you’ve been up to:

Nancy, you have had another very busy week completing all the work I’ve set. You always look so happy in the photos you send and everything you do is presented so beautifully and of a very high standard.

Lydia, the clock you made is beautiful and I love the revolting poem that you have written! Your handwriting is always so beautiful, really impressed!

Jayden, I am always so impressed with the amount of work that you do, you always try your best and persevere with your learning. Well done! I love that you did your artwork on the computer, it is very effective!

Jasmine, you have been very busy this week and I can see how much you enjoy being outside! I’m very jealous of the quad bike, I think it would be very fun to have a go on it! Well done for all your hard work!

Eden, you have been extremely dedicated to your learning this week as you always are! Everything you do is presented beautifully and you complete everything to such a high standard. Well done!

Edward, you have had another extremely busy week! I absolutely loved watching your videos of you telling the time and reading the poem (which was extremely funny). You have some very exciting news too – you have 7 new goslings!

Bella and Daisy, you have completed all the work I have set to such a high standard! I am really impressed with everything you have produced! Well done both of you!

Archie, you have been doing so many lovely activities, you particularly enjoy baking and drawing. I love the egg cup you created, well done!

Thank you so much for everyone that has sent me lovely pictures of all the things you’ve been up to!

Have a wonderful weekend and keep smiling!

Miss Adamson

Class Danube – Home Learning From 18.5.20

Hi Class Danube,

Well done for another fantastic week of home-schooling, only one more week to go and then you all have a much needed break for half-term.

Please find attached next week’s learning.

On Monday 18th May it is International Museum Day so I thought it would be nice to have an ‘off curriculum’ day. There is a separate document attached with ideas and links to resources. I hope you have a great day exploring different museums online!

Year 1

Year 2

Have a great weekend,

Miss Adamson

Class Danube – What a fantastic week you have had!

Hi Class Danube,

I am so proud of the amount of work that you continue to do each week. You are all doing amazingly and should be really pleased of all that you’ve accomplished!

Thank you so much for all the work you’ve been sending me, I love to see what you’ve been up to whether it’s linked to the learning I’ve set or something different that you’ve really enjoyed. Here are some of the wonderful things you’ve been doing.

Oliver, you have continued to work so hard this week and you have even created a film relating to your poster for your hot write.

Your film is amazing and I can tell you’re very passionate about people tidying up their rubbish. Well done!
Really proud of all the amazing work you’ve done Oliver!

Archie celebrated his brother’s birthday in style with a yummy lunch and lots of games including pass the parcel.

Those sweets look delicious!

Bella and Daisy have been incredibly busy with all their learning!

You’re working very hard on you Maths together!
Bella, your artwork is looking beautiful!
Fantastic alliteration girls!
Love your desert island picture Bella!
Daisy, your artwork is looking great!

Caleb, you’ve been really busy completing your project, learning about animals in Science and doing lots of tricky Maths work.

Well done Caleb, I can see you’re working really hard!

Edward’s been building his own tree house, wow!

Love the camouflage paint Ed and your poster is amazing!

Eden has been super busy with all the learning, I think she’s had a go at every challenge I’ve set, well done Eden!

Great alliteration Eden!
Love the artwork!
Beautiful bunting ready for VE day.
Love your poem for your cold write – it’s very funny!
You artwork and information on Patrick Heron is presented beautifully!
Wow, your project is actually amazing!

Imogen’s been busy creating her poster, well done Imogen!

Jasmine’s been very busy with her Maths, Literacy, artwork and has been learning to use her computer too.

I can see you’re working hard to concentrate with your Math’s challenges.
The poster is amazing Jasmine!

Jayden has been doing everything I’ve set and more, really proud of you Jayden!

Beautiful artwork!
I can see you’re working extremely hard with your Maths!
Your poem and alliteration is wonderful!

Lewis you have been a superstar, so impressed with how motivated you have been with all the learning, well done!

I can see you’ve worked really hard on your leaflet!
Brilliant observation of the chick hatching!
Love the poster encouraging others to get active!
Love the story, well done!

Lydia, you have painted a beautiful picture of fairies and written a lovely story, well done!

Nancy, you have created a wonderful poster encouraging people to grow their own fruit and vegetables, well done!

Reuben has been so motivated with his learning this week, he hasn’t just completed his own work but had a go at his older sister’s work too! Well done Reuben!

That cake looks delicious!
Your project is looking incredible!

Scarlett’s been learning about so many wonderful things too but the most exciting thing that’s happened to her this week is her chicks have hatched! I can imagine it was an amazing experience watching them.

Sienna has been finding out lots of information about Patrick Heron, well done Sienna!

And Summer has been very busy with lots of different art activities and working hard with all the work that’s been set. Well done Summer

Your paintings are beautiful!

That cake looks so tasty!
You’ll have to teach me how to make them beautiful dream catches!

Well done for all the wonderful work you have done! I’m super impressed with you all. Have a great long weekend and enjoy the bank holiday.

Keep smiling,

Miss Adamson

Class Danube – Home Learning: Week Beginning 11.05.20

Hi Class Danube,

I hope you’ve all had a great week so far. I wanted to add next week’s learning to the website today to give you chance to look at it and print it so you can enjoy your bank holiday weekend.

Please find attached the different activities for each year group.

Year 1

Year 2

Well done for all the amazing learning you continue to do, I am really proud of you all!

Have a great weekend and enjoy celebrating VE day!

Miss Adamson

Class Danube – You Have Been Working So Hard!

Hi Class Danube,

Thank you so much for all the emails and photos you have been sending this week. It makes me so happy to see all the lovely things you’ve been up to!

Archie, you have had a great time playing outside, observing bugs and baking.

That cake looks delicious!

Bella and Daisy you have both been working very hard preparing for your hot writes, doing your history projects, learning about Patrick Heron and much more!

I love how carefully you have both recreated Patrick Heron’s artwork!
You have both made a very good start to your history project!
You are both working so hard to plan for your hot writes, well done!

Edward, you have achieved an amazing accomplishment this week; you learnt to ride your bike on your own! You have been super busy this week with your very impressive history project, colourful leaflet and Joe Wicks’ workouts. It looks like you’re having a great time at home!

Really impressed with how hard you are working Ed!

Eden, you’ve had another very busy week. Well done for all the effort you have put in and everything is presented so beautifully!

I love the posters Eden!

Jayden, you have had another very busy week too! You’re doing so well to keep to your timetable and I know how hard you are working. Well done!

Your handwriting is great, I can see how hard you are working on it!

Lydia, you have made an amazing start to your history project, it’s very eye-catching!

Nancy, you have worked very hard on your leaflet, the information is presented beautifully on it!

Oliver, I think you send me your amazing work every day! I love to see all the wonderful things you’ve been doing! You do everything and more that I set you, well done! Here’s a few of the things you’ve been up to:

Oscar, you have been so busy too! You are getting on so well with your learning and you have even baked a delicious cake!

That look amazing! Makes me hungry just looking at it!

Poppy, you’ve been very motivated with your learning too! Everything you do is presented so beautifully and I think your writing is neater than mine now!

Your observations of the chick being hatched were amazing – very detailed!

Reuben, the work you have been completing is wonderful! You are so motivated and I think you send me pictures every day, it’s so lovely to see what you’ve been doing!

Really impressed with you Reuben!

Scarlett has not only been completing her own work but she has also been teaching and reading to her guinea pigs too!

Sienna has been really motivated with Literacy and created lots of different posters and leaflets, here are a couple of examples:

It’s lovely to see your artistic talent in your literacy!

Well done to all of you for all the work you are doing! I am really proud of you all!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Adamson

Class Danube – Home Learning Work Starting Monday 4th May

Hi Class Danube,

Well done for all the hard work with your home learning. I am really proud of how motivated you have all been!

Please find below next week’s work:

Year 1

Year 2

Have a great weekend,

Miss Adamson.

Class Danube – Home-Learning Activities Beginning 27.04.20

Hi Class Danube,

A massive well done to all of you for the work you have been doing this week, I have been very impressed with how hard you are working!

Please find the work below for next week:

Year 1

Year 2

It is a similar format to last week’s work. Spellings can be found on ‘week 2’ of the spelling document that was sent last week and for history, it will be finding out the second question on the document sent last week. I hope it all makes sense.

I completely understand that the amount of work is ambitious and for those of you that are still working or working from home, this may not be realistic. Please just do as much as you are able to.

Have a lovely weekend, hopefully the sun will continue to shine!

Miss Adamson

Class Danube – Learning At Home 24.04.20

Hi Class Danube,

Wow, you have been so busy at home! I have been very impressed with how motivated you have all been with your learning – well done!

You definitely all deserve to do the Friday dance today! If you want to see me doing it too you can find it on today’s YouTube video.

I have received so many examples of your wonderful learning this week, massive well done to you and your lovely parents/carers for all the effort you’re putting in!

Oliver, you have worked incredibly hard. I can see how determined you have been with your learning and I think you’ve done everything and more that I set for you. Well done!

I love the start you’ve made to your history project!
I can see how motivated you are with your maths!
Your leaflet about your haunted park is amazing!
Your timeline of a chick’s life is just incredible! You have been so creative!

Imogen, I can see you’ve been working really hard too, well done!

It looks like you’re getting very fit with your daily exercise!
The poster you have made is great – very eye-catching!

Poppy, you have been so busy too! I think your exercise book must be almost full with all the writing you’ve been doing and everything is so beautifully presented!

Your poster would definitely convince me to stay at home!
Your recount of your walk is amazing! Your writing is so neat – very well presented!

Daisy, I love the story you wrote – I found it very funny! I loved that you sent me a video of you reading it too. You are becoming such a confident reader!

Your writing is beautiful too!

Eden, you have been incredibly busy! I have been so impressed by how motivated you have been. You have done everything I have set and more! Well done.

Your giraffe bookmark is very cool!
I love how detailed your leaflet is!
Your letter formation is beautiful!

It sounds like you’re having a fab time at home Ed, camping in the garden sounds great fun! I wonder if you had a hot chocolate too? I love the life cycle you have done of the chick.

Your pictures are beautifully drawn!

Maisie, the family of Elmers you created are amazing! Much better than the ones I made. Very impressed!

They must have taken you ages!

Nancy, it looks like you’ve been busy learning turns in maths and doing your ‘cold write’ in Literacy. Well done!

Keep up the hard work!

Oscar, I have been so impressed with you too! You are working so hard, especially with your maths and literacy. Well done!

I can see how hard you have worked with your writing, very impressed!

Reuben you have done so much learning too! It must have been very exciting when the sparrow hawk flew into your house! Did you give them a name?

Your dinosaur is very cool!
Fantastic timeline of a chick!
Lots of great ideas about why people should stay at home – well done!

Sienna has been very creative painting rocks and sticks, your pictures are beautiful!

Thank you all for the lovely examples of work you have sent in! It’s great to see what you’ve been up to and how hard you are all working.

Have a great weekend, hopefully it will be lovely and sunny!

Miss Adamson

Art Activities Over The Easter Holidays

Hi Class Danube,

I know that some of you have continued to follow the YouTube videos over the Easter holidays and others have thought of your own craft activities. I wanted to share the lovely activities you’ve been doing, the different things you have made are very impressive!

Maisie you have been very busy – I know how much you enjoy art activities and you have done every idea I have suggested. Wow, well done!

It must have taken you ages to create your cross, very impressive!

Oliver, you have been so busy with so many different activities. Here are a couple of the things you’ve been up to:

It’s been wonderful to see all the activities you have enjoyed.

Oscar’s swapped paper for his Nanny’s fence and drawn some beautiful pictures on it!

It looks like you’re having a great time with Nanny!

Sienna has been making salt dough and used it to create different things.

I love the snowman you have made!

Summer has been very busy with art and craft activities. Here’s a couple of things she’s been up to:

Bella, Daisy and Chloe have enjoyed lots of different activities – hopefully Mum and Dad have still got some flowers left in the garden (sorry, most of the activities I suggested, involved using flowers).

Eden and her sisters have loved creating and making different things. I think your Elmer’s are much better than the one I made!

It’s lovely to see all of you doing the different art activities together!

Lydia must have spent ages creating her own Easter tree! It is incredible, the artistic talent definitely runs in the family!

Thank you for all your emails and examples of work. It makes my day seeing all the wonderful things you are up to and just knowing that you’re all safe and well.

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine!

Miss Adamson