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Waveney Class

PSHE – Service; wc 22nd June

Younger children have a PowerPoint to look through with their families, and older children can think a little more deeply about what change is and how they can adapt and learn from it.

RE – Service; wc 22nd June

Last week, we learned a little about Mary Seacole.  This week, find out more about another nurse, Florence Nightingale.

Peek at the Week 12th June


PSHE – Change; week 3

Watch this amazing video carefully, to see how ladybirds, or ladybugs change (or metamorphose) into adults in their lifecycle.  Can you remember exactly how they changed, and in which order?These are massive changes, but you have also massively changed in the last few months.  You have adapted and coped in a strange situation.  Can you think of a list of all the things you have learned?  Perhaps these are practical things, like cooking techniques, or some gardening skills; maybe you have helped adults with their jobs.  How have you learned to adapt to a different sort of schooling?  What have been the obstacles along the way?  Do you have any advice you might give to someone else who might be in a similar situation?

RE – Service; week 3

This PowerPoint is about Mary Seacole. Have you heard of her?  She lived about 150 years ago and is famous for her work 1,000s of miles away from where she grew up.  Have a look through the PowerPoint (with another adult if you can) then think about the questions below:

Mary Seacole was awarded some medals.  Can you think of ALL the reasons why Mary Seacole was awarded these medals?  Can you think what some of the OBSTACLES or difficulties there might have been for her (remember, she lived a long time ago when life was very different)?  What can we learn from Mary Seacole?

Peek at the Week 5th June


PSHE Challenge of the Week

RE Thought for the Week

RE theme: Service, week 2

Barnado’s charity is one of the most well-known in the world.  Can you find out what this charity is for, and who is helped by it.

Reverend Susan’s weekly assembly, week 2:

Waveney Class Peek at the Week 27th May

Peek at the Week 15th May