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Week ending Friday 4th December 2020

Well done, Congo Class, for another great week! From Explorers Day through to making origami times tables fortune tellers, we have been so busy. And if any children seem to be experts on cats, it’s is because of a great online assembly we had from the Cats Protection League, which was so informative.

Apologies about homework, but the printer isn’t working right now. All spellings and handouts are on Google Classroom, plus the children have written details in their homework books.

Part of children’s homework is to make a decoration for it. Let’s hope we can post a jolly picture next week as, right now, it is looking a little bare. Many thanks to Autumn for being the first to bring in a bit of spare trimming!

Maths Champ!

Who is our mysterious times tables champion? Clue: they’re not at the top of the school.

A fantastic well done to someone who has been using to practise their tables. They have realised it’s fun as well as rewarding. What a feeling, knowing you’re the best in the world.

Fressingfield Primary school is looking for someone to challenge our current champion. Will it be you?

Congo Class – the last few days of term!

Well done to everyone who is still working; at home, in school or both. Please send in any work on Wednesday 22nd July, if you want it published on this page. And thank you, Ivy and Annie-Rose, for such lovely letters.

Class Danube Pictures

Hi Class Danube,

You have all done so well this term, I am really proud of you all! Here are some of the lovely things you’ve been up to:

Jayden has been super busy completing all the work set, finishing his Geography and Science projects and being very active! Well done Jayden!

Reuben has been working very hard, got a new pet hamster called Fluffy and been driving the digger. Your hamster is so cute Reuben!

Edward’s been super busy completing all his school work and doing so many exciting activities. He found grass snake eggs and a snake skin that’s almost 2ft in length!

Well done for all your hard work,

Miss Adamson

Planning for week beginning Monday 13th July 2020 – Congo Class

A massive well done to all home teachers, as well as home learners; we are now in the ‘home straight’! In this last week, it would be fantastic if children were to able to get their newspaper report finished (more on the planning sheet below) and to feel confident using written methods for multiplication and division. For science and history, we are aiming to ‘wrap up the learning’. For other foundation subjects, I know families have been either working from the plans from the start of this half-term (see planning sheet) or doing some of their own creative and physical activities.


Maths (for children who were in school last week)

Maths (additional)


Year 4

Year 5

Home Learning for Congo Class – week beginning Monday 6th July 2020

Well done to all home learners for all your hard work this week. It has been great to read and see your work, especially the news reports. If you are in school next week, your learning will be broadly the same as the home learners. If you are in school the following week, this will be your last whole week of learning! Both children and their families deserve massive respect for the learning you have done this academic year, both in school and at home!



Science, Year 5


Class Danube Home Learning Pictures

Hi Class Danube,

Well done for another busy week of learning at home! Thank you to everyone who’s sent in pictures and videos – it’s so lovely to see what you’ve been doing!

Bella and Daisy have been busy writing jokes and retelling stories. I hope you enjoy the jokes as much as I did!

Hector’s been busy using a moth trap at home to safely catch moths (unharmed) and look after them. I think you can agree how impressive they look close up!

Jayden’s had another week with lots of brilliant learning, keeping active and using Purple Mash as well as completing all the work I’d set. I’m really impressed with how motivated you always are Jayden!

Lydia’s been using her computing skills to write about sunflowers, well done Lydia! You are so brilliant at typing!

Oliver’s had a very busy week as always and completed all the work and read lots of library books. We are so proud of you Oliver!

Summer has been extremely busy and completed all the work we’ve asked and she’s done so many other activities too. I love all the pictures Summer, thank you for sending them in!

Thank you so much for sending in your pictures, we love to see what you’ve been doing!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Adamson

Friday 12th June 2020 – Congo Class

A big well done to both our home and school learners this week, especially Kieran (in school) and Thomas (at home), who have both worked their socks off this week. What great role-models for Fressingfield Primary School you are!

Shout outs to our Year 4 artists this week, who have produced some stunning collage work, and a big well done to our resident poets. I have also sent some of those poems to Six Sense, our local parish magazine, so keep an eye out for those. They all show real maturity.

Careful collage work from Autumn
Cityscape collage, by Ruby

Class Danube’s Home-Learning Pictures

Hi Class Danube,

You’ve had another fantastic week of home-learning, well done! Really impressed with how positive you all are! It may be difficult at the minute but you have shown how mature and resilient you all are and I am so proud of you all!

It makes my day to see the wonderful things you’ve been doing, here’s some lovely examples of the activities you’re enjoying.

Summer has been incredibly busy completing the work I sent and creating lots of amazing art work. You are so creative and everything you do is presented so beautifully. Here are a few examples of the wonderful things you’ve been up to:

Sienna, you always try so hard with the art activities! You are very creative and enjoy using your artistic skills in your work. I love how beautifully you presented your Science findings:

Reuben, you have had another very busy week with all your learning. You always challenge yourself to do all the work I set and you often give yourself extra work as you are very self-motivated. Here are some of the things you’ve been doing:

Oscar, you have enjoyed being outside and have done so many lovely things while exploring near where you live. You have been challenging yourself to read tricky books which I’m really impressed with!

Oliver, you have had another extremely busy week! You do everything and more that I set you each week and you are always so positive with your leaning. Here’s a few of the things you’ve been up to:

Nancy, you have had another very busy week completing all the work I’ve set. You always look so happy in the photos you send and everything you do is presented so beautifully and of a very high standard.

Lydia, the clock you made is beautiful and I love the revolting poem that you have written! Your handwriting is always so beautiful, really impressed!

Jayden, I am always so impressed with the amount of work that you do, you always try your best and persevere with your learning. Well done! I love that you did your artwork on the computer, it is very effective!

Jasmine, you have been very busy this week and I can see how much you enjoy being outside! I’m very jealous of the quad bike, I think it would be very fun to have a go on it! Well done for all your hard work!

Eden, you have been extremely dedicated to your learning this week as you always are! Everything you do is presented beautifully and you complete everything to such a high standard. Well done!

Edward, you have had another extremely busy week! I absolutely loved watching your videos of you telling the time and reading the poem (which was extremely funny). You have some very exciting news too – you have 7 new goslings!

Bella and Daisy, you have completed all the work I have set to such a high standard! I am really impressed with everything you have produced! Well done both of you!

Archie, you have been doing so many lovely activities, you particularly enjoy baking and drawing. I love the egg cup you created, well done!

Thank you so much for everyone that has sent me lovely pictures of all the things you’ve been up to!

Have a wonderful weekend and keep smiling!

Miss Adamson

Class Danube – What a fantastic week you have had!

Hi Class Danube,

I am so proud of the amount of work that you continue to do each week. You are all doing amazingly and should be really pleased of all that you’ve accomplished!

Thank you so much for all the work you’ve been sending me, I love to see what you’ve been up to whether it’s linked to the learning I’ve set or something different that you’ve really enjoyed. Here are some of the wonderful things you’ve been doing.

Oliver, you have continued to work so hard this week and you have even created a film relating to your poster for your hot write.

Your film is amazing and I can tell you’re very passionate about people tidying up their rubbish. Well done!
Really proud of all the amazing work you’ve done Oliver!

Archie celebrated his brother’s birthday in style with a yummy lunch and lots of games including pass the parcel.

Those sweets look delicious!

Bella and Daisy have been incredibly busy with all their learning!

You’re working very hard on you Maths together!
Bella, your artwork is looking beautiful!
Fantastic alliteration girls!
Love your desert island picture Bella!
Daisy, your artwork is looking great!

Caleb, you’ve been really busy completing your project, learning about animals in Science and doing lots of tricky Maths work.

Well done Caleb, I can see you’re working really hard!

Edward’s been building his own tree house, wow!

Love the camouflage paint Ed and your poster is amazing!

Eden has been super busy with all the learning, I think she’s had a go at every challenge I’ve set, well done Eden!

Great alliteration Eden!
Love the artwork!
Beautiful bunting ready for VE day.
Love your poem for your cold write – it’s very funny!
You artwork and information on Patrick Heron is presented beautifully!
Wow, your project is actually amazing!

Imogen’s been busy creating her poster, well done Imogen!

Jasmine’s been very busy with her Maths, Literacy, artwork and has been learning to use her computer too.

I can see you’re working hard to concentrate with your Math’s challenges.
The poster is amazing Jasmine!

Jayden has been doing everything I’ve set and more, really proud of you Jayden!

Beautiful artwork!
I can see you’re working extremely hard with your Maths!
Your poem and alliteration is wonderful!

Lewis you have been a superstar, so impressed with how motivated you have been with all the learning, well done!

I can see you’ve worked really hard on your leaflet!
Brilliant observation of the chick hatching!
Love the poster encouraging others to get active!
Love the story, well done!

Lydia, you have painted a beautiful picture of fairies and written a lovely story, well done!

Nancy, you have created a wonderful poster encouraging people to grow their own fruit and vegetables, well done!

Reuben has been so motivated with his learning this week, he hasn’t just completed his own work but had a go at his older sister’s work too! Well done Reuben!

That cake looks delicious!
Your project is looking incredible!

Scarlett’s been learning about so many wonderful things too but the most exciting thing that’s happened to her this week is her chicks have hatched! I can imagine it was an amazing experience watching them.

Sienna has been finding out lots of information about Patrick Heron, well done Sienna!

And Summer has been very busy with lots of different art activities and working hard with all the work that’s been set. Well done Summer

Your paintings are beautiful!

That cake looks so tasty!
You’ll have to teach me how to make them beautiful dream catches!

Well done for all the wonderful work you have done! I’m super impressed with you all. Have a great long weekend and enjoy the bank holiday.

Keep smiling,

Miss Adamson