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Colorado Home Learning Pictures

We are so proud of the whole class for the fantastic attitude to home learning that you have had over this last half-term. You have worked so hard and we are delighted to see the variety of activities you have completed. Well done Colorado Class!!

We all hope you have a wonderful break from work next week and enjoy your week off. Have fun and stay safe.

What an amazing Stonehenge model, Liam! Well done.
Poppy spent a long time constructing Stonehenge.
Here is the finished construction. What a magnificent masterpiece!
Look at the shadows it casts.
Well done, Poppy!
Here is Oliver’s impressive construction, it looks so realistic. Well done, Oliver!
Look how William created his Stonehenge model. Fantastic work, William!
Look at Oscar’s brilliant model.
It is casting shadows too.
Charlotte invited the class to take part in trying to help Rob Biddulph break a Guinness World Record by joining in with an online art lesson. Here is the picture they created in the lesson.
Oscar joined in too.
I wonder if the Guinness World Record was broken?
Scott has worked hard this week, especially with division and multiplication.
Look at Levi’s incredible picture. I loved the details that he included.
Look at what Oscar made!
Oscar has completed all of his work for the week. Well done.
Here is another tune Oscar has learnt.
Oscar created this wonderful poster.
Callum enjoyed writing his explanation on seed dispersal.
Callum discussed seed dispersal while on his walk too.
Callum tried to help his sister make an aeroplane when his dog decided to lend a hand too.
Callum made this poster.
Callum has taken an interest in fishing.
Callum completed his French work.
William has been practising his dictionary skills.
William has enjoyed maths.
Liam wrote a wonderful explanation.
Can you see the conjunctions he used?
Watch how Charlotte made these seeds disperse.
Alex has worked hard with division using the bus stop method.
As well as dividing by making equal jumps on a numberline. Good work, Alex.
William has been working hard in maths.
Look at all the multiplications he has done using the grid method.
Well done, William.
William then went on to solve problems.
William has been practising using a dictionary.
William loves French.
Well done, William.
William has been climbing trees.
We hope you didn’t go too high!
Sophia loves French lessons.
What a clever way to put words into alphabetical order, Sophia!
Sophia completed her literacy work.
Sophia has been working hard in science.
Well done, Sophia.
Sophia has been working hard in maths.
What a good poster, Sophia.
Well done for challenging yourself, Sophia.
I am so proud of you for creating this stall for VE Day.
Oscar has loved doing multiplication in maths this week.
Oscar completed his science experiment.
Look at Oscar’s stone art.
Oscar has written his explanation on seed dispersal.
Well done, you have presented your work well.
Super pictures too, Oscar.