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Week ending Friday 27th November 2020

Many thanks for all those amazing book reviews. I will start putting them on here very soon.

The children have really enjoyed starting their new literacy block on newspaper reports. They have written some great Cold Writes and have been looking at different magazines and newspapers this week.

I was really impressed with Congo Class’s history this week, too. We are learning about Sir Francis Drake, and realising there can be two sides to a story. While Elizabeth I of England loved him, King Philip II of Spain did not; he even put out a reward for the head of Drake!

And many thanks to everyone who dressed up in their brightest clothes, to celebrate Brightness Day. Although this was great fun, we also talked about the importance of staying safe on the roads, as it is Road Safety Awareness Week this week. This year’s motto is NO NEED TO SPEED!. You can find out more on the link below.

Looking bright and safe for those dark winter nights