Class Danube – Learning At Home 24.04.20

Hi Class Danube,

Wow, you have been so busy at home! I have been very impressed with how motivated you have all been with your learning – well done!

You definitely all deserve to do the Friday dance today! If you want to see me doing it too you can find it on today’s YouTube video.

I have received so many examples of your wonderful learning this week, massive well done to you and your lovely parents/carers for all the effort you’re putting in!

Oliver, you have worked incredibly hard. I can see how determined you have been with your learning and I think you’ve done everything and more that I set for you. Well done!

I love the start you’ve made to your history project!
I can see how motivated you are with your maths!
Your leaflet about your haunted park is amazing!
Your timeline of a chick’s life is just incredible! You have been so creative!

Imogen, I can see you’ve been working really hard too, well done!

It looks like you’re getting very fit with your daily exercise!
The poster you have made is great – very eye-catching!

Poppy, you have been so busy too! I think your exercise book must be almost full with all the writing you’ve been doing and everything is so beautifully presented!

Your poster would definitely convince me to stay at home!
Your recount of your walk is amazing! Your writing is so neat – very well presented!

Daisy, I love the story you wrote – I found it very funny! I loved that you sent me a video of you reading it too. You are becoming such a confident reader!

Your writing is beautiful too!

Eden, you have been incredibly busy! I have been so impressed by how motivated you have been. You have done everything I have set and more! Well done.

Your giraffe bookmark is very cool!
I love how detailed your leaflet is!
Your letter formation is beautiful!

It sounds like you’re having a fab time at home Ed, camping in the garden sounds great fun! I wonder if you had a hot chocolate too? I love the life cycle you have done of the chick.

Your pictures are beautifully drawn!

Maisie, the family of Elmers you created are amazing! Much better than the ones I made. Very impressed!

They must have taken you ages!

Nancy, it looks like you’ve been busy learning turns in maths and doing your ‘cold write’ in Literacy. Well done!

Keep up the hard work!

Oscar, I have been so impressed with you too! You are working so hard, especially with your maths and literacy. Well done!

I can see how hard you have worked with your writing, very impressed!

Reuben you have done so much learning too! It must have been very exciting when the sparrow hawk flew into your house! Did you give them a name?

Your dinosaur is very cool!
Fantastic timeline of a chick!
Lots of great ideas about why people should stay at home – well done!

Sienna has been very creative painting rocks and sticks, your pictures are beautiful!

Thank you all for the lovely examples of work you have sent in! It’s great to see what you’ve been up to and how hard you are all working.

Have a great weekend, hopefully it will be lovely and sunny!

Miss Adamson