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Fressingfield Neighbourhood Development Plan

7th November 2018

The children of Year 6 were able to contribute to the Village Plan today, when Mr Deeks – who is both the Chair of the Governing Body and the Chair of the Parish Council – came in to canvas their opinions.

The children were asked what they liked about the village as it currently is, and also to project forward 20 years to describe the kind of village they would like to live in when they are adults. We thought you would be interested to read about what they said.

Listed are some of the things they like about our village:

  • it is friendly,
  • it is peaceful,
  • the children like their neighbours,
  • the countryside,
  • it’s small,
  • the fields are great for walking dogs,
  • the church,
  • the tennis courts and playing fields,
  • the school,
  • the woods and
  • it’s not too busy.

The children had lots of ideas about what they would like to change in the village, and improvements they would like to see. They included:

  • a better play park,
  • more shops,
  • cheap houses so families can live where they want and feel comfortable,
  • a cricket pitch,
  • more trees,
  • bakery,
  • a bigger doctors and a dentist,
  • riding classes,
  • more buses,
  • more jobs,
  • swimming pool and gym,
  • a skate park,
  • a café,
  • a football team,
  • a wind generator,
  • a youth club in the evenings, so people have something to do,
  • better internet,
  • a library,
  • less traffic,
  • the Norwich bus to come more often, and
  • hover cars!

They summarised their ideas in the following ways:

“I hope Fressingfield will have more wildlife and be quiet. I also hope it will have a wildlife centre and a library.”

“I hope Fressingfield should still have woods and empty space for people to meet, but there should be cheaper housing, a wildlife centre, a care home, a police office and a bigger school.”

“I hope Fressingfield will be a happy, cheerful, friendly place.”

“I hope Fressingfield has more things like houses. I think there should be more ships and a better play park and playingfield.”

“I hope Fressingfield stays calm and quiet but grows. I also hope Fressingfield’s nature stays as it is because without it Fressingfield wouldn’t be peaceful.”

“I hope Fressingfield doesn’t get taken over by technology and I hope it doesn’t have any crime and stays a nice quiet countryside village.”

“I hope Fressingfield will still be peaceful, but have a few more townbased features like a public pool.”