YANGTZE CLASS Monday 13th July – Friday 17th July 2020



The star of the week is Isla. You have been incredibly busy this week Isla: you baked a German flatbread; solved the mystery of the 52 dead bodies found at Maiden Castle (and found a great photo of Sir Mortimer Wheeler); did some super maths; conducted a fantastic investigation into friction; had another live French lesson with Nanny Cleverley in France (which is a very useful resource to have!); and – on top of all that – you’ve been writing thank you letters for all your birthday presents. Well done Isla – you are our star!



In September, we will be launching an interactive Book Wall where we can post reviews of books we enjoyed, and comment on each other’s choices. To get us started, I would like you to complete a detailed book review. These will be the first to go on the wall. Use the two powerpoints to find out how to write a good book review, and read some good examples on Spaghetti Book Club.


This week there is a mystery to solve on Monday and Tuesday, then a Summer Maths Booklet for the remainder of the term (and the Summer Holidays if you choose!).

This week you’ll be learning about mechanisms that can change the direction of forces, or make a force bigger. I then want you to design a Cracking Contraption. If you like, you can also enter the Rube Goldberg Summer Video Challenge. Read the ppt to find out more.


It’s the end of the unit, so finish your animations and send them in. We’ll find a way to share them all in an online gallery.


It’s the end of the Iron Age and the Romans are thinking about invading Britain. If you were the Emperor Julius Caesar standing on the shores of Kent in AD55, what would you have done?


It’s the Fressingfield Bready Bake Off! It’s time to bake the delicious designs from last week. Remember to take lots of photos and send them into me. You’ll also need to ask your family to review your efforts – they can even dress up as Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood if they like! I hope we don’t have any soggy bottoms!


This week, you’ll be learning how to talk about things you know and things you don’t know how to do. 

Je sais dancer et patiner, mais je ne sais pas jouer du violon.


Why do bananas use suncream?

Because they peel!

What do you get when you mix an elephant and a fish?

Swimming trunks!

Why don’t oysters share their pearls?

Because they’re shellfish!