Colorado Class Home Learning Photos

With only two weeks and three days to go until the Summer holidays, it is wonderful to see so many of you still remain committed with your home learning. I am super proud of you all for the work you have done and the effort you are putting in.

I am looking forward to seeing those of you who are returning to school next week. Even though many of you will not be in my ‘bubble’, I will try to see you and say “Hello!”, from a distance, of course!

Let’s take a look at what you have been up to this week.

Happy birthday, Oliver! You celebrated your birthday at the seaside, but it was a bit wet so you ate your pizza in the car! We all hope you had a wonderful day!

You have enjoyed the French work.


You have enjoyed learning about the round houses at Must Farm.

Alex’s round house picture.
Oscar’s round house.
Sonny’s round house.

A few of you have been enjoying partaking in sporting events.

Congratulations to Liam on winning another Athletic event, the triple jump.
Liam and his brothers had a Sports Day together.
Oscar created his own sports day.

Look at what Oscar has been up to.

What an awesome picture, Oscar!
Look at Oscar’s amazing bag!

Here is Hannah hard at work.

Look who has been helping her!
Hannah has had a make over, doesn’t she look nice!

Liam has had a great week, this week.

Liam has been reading the Harry Potter books on his new Kindle.
Liam has been practising playing his trumpet.

Scott has enjoyed learning about plastic pollution this week.

Look at what Sonny has been up to.

Look at the bag he made!
Well done, Sonny. We are proud of all the work you have done this week.

Callum has also been busy with his work this week.

This bag looks incredible! Well done, Callum, you are so clever!

Ted has been busy making treasure maps on Purple Mash.