A day to remember – Goodbye Year 6!

Yangtze Class, including our Year 6 leavers, had a lovely day on Friday as we completed a four mile walk around the village. The sun shone down on us both literally and metaphorically as we tramped our way through the fields to the north of the village, smiles spread across our faces. Mr Brown kindly agreed to let us walk along his tracks, but for the rest we stuck to the footpaths and lanes. We would like to thank Mrs Taylor and Mrs Adams for coming with us – it really was a lovely walk. 

As tradition dictates, at the end of the day, the Leavers challenged the staff to a game of rounders: Staff Vs Year 6. Little did they know, we were on a six-year winning streak and had no intention of losing our crown to them. A fiercely competitive game ensued with some incredible sporting moments on both teams. Impressive rounders were struck, amazing catches were caught, and a great many succumbed to some slick fielding on both sides. Despite the children pulling into an impressive lead, by the end of the match, order was restored and the staff were crowned the victors! 

The fun didn’t stop there though. Whilst we had been playing, Mr Schwier and Mr Seaman had got the barbeque going and Mrs Weedon had prepared everything for an evening feast of sausages and burgers (thank you Mrs Tooley), and then the real business of the day began: the water fight.  

Needless to say, we all got wet. And not just a little bit wet, either. Very wet. But just you wait. One day, when you’re in Year 6, it will be your turn!