A Trip to Eaton Vale

The children in Yangtze and Congo Classes had a fantastic day of adventurous activity when they visited Eaton Vale. The trip had been organised to replace the normal Year 6 residential visit to Hollowford in the Peak District that had been cancelled due to Covid restrictions. Thankfully, the Scout Centre at Eaton Vale set up a ‘residential-replacement’ day trip for us all to give us all a taste of the whole experience. And we thought, let’s take the Year 5s too! 

The day was packed full of activity, including: air rifles, a cave bus to wriggle through, team-building games, go-karting and grass sledging, and – best of all – canoeing.  

The day ended with the Eaton Vale Buggy Derby. Groups of children had to first dress up then use the posts, barrels and ropes provided to create their own buggy for a downhill race. Dances and songs needed to be written and performed to the other groups before racing could begin. Silliness, as you can no doubt imagine, ensued.