A message from Y4 Eco Group

In order to be more environmentally friendly, we would like to reduce waste.
If you KEEP your old water bottle in September, you will receive 3 bonus house points!

If you KEEP your old lunchbox, you will also receive 3 bonus house points!
If you and your family would rather buy new ones, that is fine, although the extra house points are for children who KEEP THEIR OLD ONES.

We have also twinned 3 toilets, 2 in Honduras and 1 in Indonesia! Thank you for the money. We appreciate it!

Operation Ocelot – thank you Hannah from WORLD LAND TRUST for giving us a meeting today! We are the first school to know about Operation Ocelot! Do you want to help WORLD LAND TRUST? Well you can give change in to WORLD LAND TRUST to help them to plant more trees and protect more acres.

from Eco Committee
PS Have a nice summer!