Happy Christingles to everybody!

We had a great Christingle session, with oranges, cocktail sticks, dried fruit and sweets.  And the weather in the playground held out for everyone to keep their candles lit.  Many thanks to the super readers in Congo Class, as well as those children who helped to make and organise the Children’s Society collecting boxes.

The Cross Home Learning

Great home learning from Congo and Yangtze classes; they have represented The Cross in so many different ways. We have been thinking, ‘Is The Cross a symbol of love or sacrifice?’  Many thanks to parents and carers who have helped the children with their inspiring work.

Key Stage 1 RE Easter Day

In Key Stage 1 we had an RE day focusing on the Christian festival, Easter. We recreated the Easter garden, made Easter cards, discussed the importance of the cross and made biscuits with a cross on. We also discussed the Easter story and had an Easter egg hunt with the story on the back of the eggs. We worked in our house teams to find all of the eggs and put them in the correct order. After that we got to try a hot cross bun and eat our Easter biscuits that we made.