Waste Recycling

Congo Class has had an amazing session with a local Waste Recycling Officer. Sam showed us a really informative video, talked about what we can and can’t recycle and then played some great games with us. The children were so enthused by this topic, that they have asked to organise an assembly AND a competition!  Watch this space for more information. 

Meanwhile, for more information, have a look here:



European Day of Languages

What an awesome day the children in Congo Class have had!  This year, we had chosen Germany, and all came to school wearing various combinations of black, red and yellow. At the start, we did a wordsearch, to work out and say the days of the week. Then we looked at a great map of Germany, and found out about foods named after Hamburg, Frankfurt and the Black Forest. Can you guess what these are?  

We then learned to count to twelve in German, and used our numbers knowledge to make bookmarks. 

We also listened to some songs and stories in German. But I think Congo Class would agree that the best activity was the taste testing!  We sampled a range of German foods, including rye bread, smoked cheese and German sausage. And did you know Haribos are also German?  

Well done to Congo children, who all made a fantastic effort to listen and engage with something a bit different.

A Very Creative Way To Explore Tables

Children in Congo Class have been investigating the patterns made by different times tables, using a 10-point circle. They made points on the circle for each ‘ones digit’ up to twelve, then joined up the points. The patterns made are incredibly interesting, and helped us the see some connections between different tables. What amazing work you’ve all done!

World Mental Health Day

Congo Class children have been celebrating World Mental Health day by creating dances to show different scenarios, reflecting feelings of worry or anxiety, which might be natural when we go through change. The children have worked hard on varying the dynamics to show moods. Great work, Congo Class!

Forest School – Tuesday 24th May 2022

We have had such a fantastic time participating in Forest Schools this half-term and today was particularly fun! Despite the weather, we had a still great time (and Mrs Bishop managed to keep our fire going)! We spent time playing and then took turns to whittle a piece of hazel, wrap dough around the hazel and then bake our bread on the fire. It was delicious, especially with golden syrup on the middle! Such a lovely end to our wonderful Forest School sessions!