A Trip to Eaton Vale

The children in Yangtze and Congo Classes had a fantastic day of adventurous activity when they visited Eaton Vale. The trip had been organised to replace the normal Year 6 residential visit to Hollowford in the Peak District that had been cancelled due to Covid restrictions. Thankfully, the Scout Centre at Eaton Vale set up a ‘residential-replacement’ day trip for us all to give us all a taste of the whole experience. And we thought, let’s take the Year 5s too! 

The day was packed full of activity, including: air rifles, a cave bus to wriggle through, team-building games, go-karting and grass sledging, and – best of all – canoeing.  

The day ended with the Eaton Vale Buggy Derby. Groups of children had to first dress up then use the posts, barrels and ropes provided to create their own buggy for a downhill race. Dances and songs needed to be written and performed to the other groups before racing could begin. Silliness, as you can no doubt imagine, ensued. 

A day to remember – Goodbye Year 6!

Yangtze Class, including our Year 6 leavers, had a lovely day on Friday as we completed a four mile walk around the village. The sun shone down on us both literally and metaphorically as we tramped our way through the fields to the north of the village, smiles spread across our faces. Mr Brown kindly agreed to let us walk along his tracks, but for the rest we stuck to the footpaths and lanes. We would like to thank Mrs Taylor and Mrs Adams for coming with us – it really was a lovely walk. 

As tradition dictates, at the end of the day, the Leavers challenged the staff to a game of rounders: Staff Vs Year 6. Little did they know, we were on a six-year winning streak and had no intention of losing our crown to them. A fiercely competitive game ensued with some incredible sporting moments on both teams. Impressive rounders were struck, amazing catches were caught, and a great many succumbed to some slick fielding on both sides. Despite the children pulling into an impressive lead, by the end of the match, order was restored and the staff were crowned the victors! 

The fun didn’t stop there though. Whilst we had been playing, Mr Schwier and Mr Seaman had got the barbeque going and Mrs Weedon had prepared everything for an evening feast of sausages and burgers (thank you Mrs Tooley), and then the real business of the day began: the water fight.  

Needless to say, we all got wet. And not just a little bit wet, either. Very wet. But just you wait. One day, when you’re in Year 6, it will be your turn! 

In a galaxy far, far away…… Star Warts!

The Key Stage 2 Summer Production was back with an explosion of song, dancing and some very dubious jokes called: Star Warts – The Umpire Strikes Back! The play told the story of a group of intrepid, albeit slightly hapless, space travellers; Luke Warmwater, Princess Nebula, Zak Solo, Toby Wonky Nosebleed, Daft Ada and the droids Qwerty and RU12, and their battles against the evil Umpire and his side-kick Spocky McSpock. Needless to say, it featured a cast of every TV sci-fi hero or villain from the last fifty years expertly played by the children of Yangtze Class.  

As a result of the Covid bubbles, the play didn’t include the whole of KS2 this year, just the children in Yangtze Class. But they rose to the challenge admirably, taking on individual solos, learning pages of lines and – in more than one case – taking on extra roles so we could cover the cast list. In fact, the children were responsible for putting on all aspects of this play: each dance was expertly choreographed by Annie Rose, Ruby, Ivy, Imogen, Saffron, Ella and Lily who then went on to teach each dance to the rest of the class; the scenery and props were created as part of our art lessons; and even the publicity materials were created by the class.  

We are extremely grateful to Mrs Foster for playing the piano with us once again. She makes such a huge contribution of her time and efforts to help us learn, practise and perfect the songs and we really couldn’t do it without her. Thank you also to our parents for the wonderful costumes and for laughing along with our jokes.  

Well done Yangtze Class,  you were out-of-this-world!

Our school has been transformed!

A series of wonderful, new, rainforest-themed displays produced by children from across the school now decorates our atrium. Playful ring-tailed lemurs, prowling jaguars, mischievous monkeys, squawking cockatoos, cuddly orang-utans, inquisitive ant-eaters and brightly coloured macaws now peer out at us with alert, friendly eyes as we walk past.  

The displays were produced by every child in the school from Nursery through to Year 6 supported by their teachers and workers from Art Solutions. We had a wonderful two days learning new techniques to add texture and colour to our creations. And of course, once it was all over each day, we had the exquisite pleasure of peeling strips of dried PVA glue from our fingers!  

Do look out for them the next time you are in school. We’d love to hear what you think! 

21st – 22nd  June 2021 

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

A massive thank you and well done to Imogen, Autumn, Sophia, Amelia and Lewis, who have completed their Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador training online. They will now be working to help us develop an anti-bullying culture and a community of kindness in our school. They have already organised a couple of Feelgood Fridays, with a theme of music and dance. For more information on the this, see the link below. 


Junior Road Safety Officers

Many thanks to our team, who organised a recent Brightness Week, encouraging us all to dress sensibly whilst out and about when it’s getting dark. Here are a selection of some competition entries they received.  Great work, everybody. 

Happy Christingles to everybody!

We had a great Christingle session, with oranges, cocktail sticks, dried fruit and sweets.  And the weather in the playground held out for everyone to keep their candles lit.  Many thanks to the super readers in Congo Class, as well as those children who helped to make and organise the Children’s Society collecting boxes.

Children in Need Appeal

Well done and thank you to all families for supporting our recent Children in Need appeal.  We raised over £150!  It was great to see the children all dressed in their favourite outfits.  They spent some of the day working on themed-activities and finding out more about this great charity. Thank you to Y5/6 school councillors for making some great PowerPoint presentations to help inform us.   And thanks too, to Y4/5 councillors who organised a competition to design a friend for Pudsey.  Thank you for all your lovely entries.  They really made us smile!

Anti-Bullying Week

Fressingfield children have recently been finding out more about the role they can play in tackling bullying behaviour.  They celebrated the start of Anti-Bullying Week by wearing different socks on Odd Socks Day!  Can you think why?  Over the week, the children took part in a variety of assemblies and activities, helping them to learn how to make our school a safer, happier place.  

In Congo Class, the children made an anti-bullying wall, thinking about how they might play their part.  For more information for parents and carers, see below:

Banham Zoo Competition Winner!

As some of you know, there was a competition with Banham Zoo to draw a picture and send it to them. Archie entered his beautiful picture of a tiger and won the competition! We are so proud of you Archie, your picture is amazing! You have won a trip to the zoo which includes a picnic lunch for your whole class. Well done!