Our New Books Have Arrived!

Two weeks ago, the new books we had been waiting for were delivered to our library, so we now have every single book on each of the Essential Guides for our children to borrow and enjoy.

This mammoth operation has largely been conducted by our school librarians and it involved a lot of hard work.

Last year, the whole school took part in a sponsored walk around the village to raise the funds. The Librarians then conducted an audit of all the books in the school to find out which books on the Essential Lists we had and which ones we still needed. At the same time, they worked with Mrs Hare – one of our school governors – to ensure the guides featured inclusive main characters and heroes from a diverse range of backgrounds and these were added to the lists. Next, they liaised with FOFSA who bought the books we needed. And finally, over the last two weeks, they have been busy stamping, stickering and organising our books so they can be shared with the right year groups.

Well done Librarians and how fantastic to be able to share their work with the school on World Book Day!

World Book Day Photographs

World Book Day is always epic at Fressingfield Primary School. Each year the costumes seem to get better and better. We want to say, “Well done!” to all the children for really getting in the spirit and, more importantly, “Thank you and well done!” to all the parents who worked so hard on the costumes.  

As I write, the children are busy decorating their spuds and transforming them into their favourite book characters. Hopefully, we’ll be able to share some photographs of these later in the day. They will then be writing their own stories about their heroes.  

Coincidentally, the Librarians have been busy today checking the new books we ordered through the proceeds of the Walk on the Wild Side into the library. We now have copies of every book on the Essential Guide to Books in school so that children can choose these as their weekly library book. 

We hope you enjoy the photos!

Number Day

“I wish it could be maths all day!” is something we do often hear in Fressingfield. So, we made this wish come true when we celebrated Number Day. Sponsored by the NSPCC, we have all had a fantastic day, which included puzzles, mazes, code cracking and, at one point, all the children in key stages 1 and 2 challenging each other to games of snakes and ladders!  Many thanks to families who organised outfits with numbers or patterns on, and also to those who donated to the NSPCC. 

TCS London Marathon Challenge

A massive well done to almost forty children, who took part in the recent TCS London Marathon Challenge. Over a few sessions, children ran, jogged or walked around the playing field, each covering a distance of 2.6 miles. It was really impressive the way children helped and encouraged each other. Our youngest participants come from Reception and our eldest from Year 6.

Christmas Dinner And The Brussels Sprout Challenge! 

Here at Fressingfield Primary School we take pride in setting ourselves ambitious challenges and being resilient enough to reach them. Today was no exception as the children in Yangtze Class bravely took on The Brussels Sprout Challenge! 

Now, there are some children who delight in Brussels Sprouts and look forward to eating great piles of them at this time of year. And there are others who fear them beyond measure; some for whom the very words ‘Brussels’ and ‘Sprouts’ are enough to bring out goose bumps and a cold sweat. Well, no matter their predilections, none were allowed to avoid the Brussels Sprout Challenge.  

As you can imagine, some were devoured and relished; others were washed down with noses held and gallons of squash. The uniting factor though was the children’s bravery and determination. So fervent in fact was the competition, that every last sprout was eaten! An incredible achievement! 

Mrs Wright, watching on, decided she would teach with the windows open this afternoon!

We would like to thank Mrs Tuthill and Mrs Tooley for cooking another wonderful Christmas Dinner today, and all our staff who prepared, served, supported and tidied. Thank you all.

Aladdin Visits Fressingfield Primary School

The Christmas Season was launched with a song and a dance and a lot of silliness yesterday when Aladdin the Panto visited Fressingfield Primary School for a special performance. Judging by the laughter, the enraptured faces and the raucous calling out, it was clear how much our children enjoyed the shenanigans of Wishy-Washy, the Genii, the Princess and Aladdin himself. Poor Miss Adamson might have regretted sitting so close to the front though, as she was asked to join Aladdin on stage to take a bow – which isn’t easy when you’re seven months pregnant!

We would like to thank FOFSA who organised and paid for the panto to visit us this year so we could continue to enjoy this great tradition without the cost for our families. In fact, we enjoyed it so much, we have already booked up next year’s show: Jack and the Beanstalk! Oh, yes we have!

The Panto launches a week of festivities at Fressingfield which will include: today’s Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas Meal and the FOFSA Christmas Fair: the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Nativity – Humpf the Camel; the choir singing at tomorrow’s Christmas Market; and a Carol Concert at St Peter and St Paul’s Church on the last day of term. Happy Christmas all!

Christmas Around The World 

The children of Key Stages 1 and 2 had a fantastic trip around the world on Tuesday when they were invited to our parish church by Rev Susan. The theme was Christmas Around The World and the visit took the form of a journey around the church visiting many countries along the way to find out how Christmas is celebrated in other parts of the world. Amongst other places we visited Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico and France joining a musical procession, using Indonesian shadow puppets to create a Heavenly host of angels and  and told the Christmas story as we went.  

Thank you to Rev Susan and her team of volunteers for organising such a memorable trip and for launching Christmas so wonderfully.

Fressingfield Litter Pick

Eco Group has finally managed to borrow some ‘grabbers’ and members have been around the school litter picking. Everybody found it great fun, and fascinating when we analysed our findings. 

With the help of some of the older children, we grouped the categories of litter, and tallied up our data. And we have now found that we’ve raised more issues than we have answered! 

 We have 3 main issues to put to pupil voice assembly. Here they are: firstly, bearing in mind over 100 pieces of litter came from the plastic pom-poms for playtime, what do we want to do about this? As you can see from some of our pictures, there is so much plastic from these toys that some birds have actually used it in one of their nests! Secondly, a critical place for litter is near the guinea pigs. We need to deal with this, to make sure we keep our pets clean and safe; thirdly, we found some materials which should have been composted. Are all our classes remembering to use their composting bins?  

We will be discussing these issues over the next few weeks during pupil voice assembly.