Congo and Yangtze Class Summer Performance: Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty!

Congratulations to all the children involved in the Congo and Yangtze End of Year Performance. It was such a great show and we are so proud of you all. The singing was lively and raucous – it was wonderful to see how much you were enjoying it (but thank goodness we had Mrs Foster on the piano holding everything together!). 

Our soloists were amazing and had the audience in raptures: well done for singing so clearly and beautifully Ruby, Ivy, Imogen, Sonny and Lily, and well done Jayden for channelling your inner Rock God! We loved it! 

The acting was sensational and so convincing. Every word was clear, and your facial expressions added to the overall effect, so you had the audience in the palms of your hands: they laughed at all the jokes, cheered all your successes, booed the baddies and loved every minute of it. 

Thank you to everyone who helped us put on such a great show.

What a great occasion! Well done everyone. 

Mr L

Wow!  What an amazing building!

Children in Fressingfield could not believe their eyes, as they walked first around, and then through Norwich Catholic Cathedral of John the Baptist. We had an amazing talk by Tania, who told us all about the gothic style of the building (arches pointing to Heaven, stained glass and flying buttresses), and also about the symbolism of the artwork in a Catholic church. We had a fantastic time, and saw some stunning spectacles. Some of our favourite things were the awesome stained glass, and the stories it tells, and also the 3,00 year old fossil-encrusted pillars.  Can you spot three local saints in our pictures, including St Edmund and St Felix?

Norwich Synagogue Visit

Children from Fressingfield had an amazing time visiting Norwich Synagogue. With a very warm welcome from Deborah, we learned all about preparing for Shabbat, including the food, drink and prayers used. We then looked more closely at some Jewish artefacts, including caps (kippah) and prayer shawls (tallit). But our two favourite things were seeing the amazing, shiny, clinking torah, and then having a go writing our names in Hebrew. 

Howzat! Well done to our Cricketers! 

Fressingfield sent a team of 9 to the U11 Dynamos Cricket tournament on Thursday to compete against teams from across our region of the county. We enjoyed some tightly fought games in the idyllic surroundings of Mellis Cricket Club. The whole team performed well, and huge improvements in both individual skills and team tactics were made over the course of the afternoon. Some of the highlights included Amelia, Chloe and Summer’s energetic, focused fielding, Poppy’s enthusiastic encouragement of her team-mates, Liam and Ella’s catching, Shawn and William’s batting, and Calum bowling someone out, catching a second and hitting a six all in the space of one five minute spell.  

Over the five games we played, we lost three, won two and finished in joint fourth position in our group. Well done Team Fress!

Cross-Country Gold!

Congratulations to Nancy and Liam who both won GOLD at the Cross-Country County Finals on Monday. The competition took place on the same long, gruelling course across Mellis Common that had been used in the heats in the autumn term. This time, however, the competition featured the best runners in the county – those who had finished in the top five of their respective competitions. Fressingfield sent three runners to the finals: Sonny, Liam and Nancy. Sonny finished a very respectable 6th in his race; Liam and Nancy both finished in first place.  

What a fantastic achievement. Well done! 

Jubilee Concert – Fressingfield School Choir

On Thursday evening at 6.30pm, Mrs Clark’s Choir took part in the Jubilee Concert at St Peter and St Paul’s Church. The church was jam-packed with people who had come to be entertained by an organ recital, live poetry, entertaining monologues, singing from a Swing Group and our very own choir. The children sang three fantastic songs, including: Rock Around The Clock and Sing (the song written by Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd-Webber for the Diamond Jubilee), and they brought the house down. Well done children and thank you to Mrs Clark. 

Jubilee Fair 

At the Fressingfield Fair on Saturday afternoon, the choir – swelled with other children who were visiting the fair – opened the show with a rendition of the songs they sang at the church on Thursday evening. They got things off to a flying start. They were followed by Mr Deek’s Maypole Dancers who performed several dances they had learnt to an appreciative audience.

Vegetable Garden Success 

The Gardening Club achieved two first places at the Jubilee Fruit and Vegetable Competition. Their wonderful broadbeans and scrumptious strawberries were the Best-In-Show! Congratulations to all the gardeners and a big thank you to Mrs Lindsey for supporting them all. Well done! 

Jubilee Poetrython

On Friday afternoon, several Fressingfield children took part in Mrs Douglas’ Poetrython for the Jubilee. The aim was to read 70 poems to celebrate the 70 years of the Queen’s reign. Our children started the show by reading a selection of poems, some of which had been written by the children, and others which had been written by famous poets. Mr Tooley says that the church was very busy and that our children read magnificently. Well done all.

Mrs Douglas has sent us an email congratulating all the children who took part. She says: To everybody who read or recited and gave generously of their time, support and donations, I want to say a sincere Thank You.

A Poetrython was something that I had always wanted to do and, thus, the timing of a Jubilee, a beautiful church venue and the enterprising people of Fressingfield, and from villages beyond, fulfilled that dream for me.

I do believe that together we made our very own historic occasion 3rd June 2022. So many of you have told me about the enjoyment you had in flicking through old poetry books; choosing, practising and eventually delivering your poems “on the mic” was also very special, too. You should all feel proud and pleased. It was a very long afternoon …………oooh, for the high numbers!

However, we more than reached our target of 70 poems for a seventy years’ reign, passing it with a final count of 90 poems. £114.50p was raised for the Queen’s Green Canopy Tree Planting and this will be used to fund new trees in Fressingfield.

I have decided to write to Queen Elizabeth to tell her about the memories that we made on that Friday. “Making happy memories” was her goal for the Platinum Jubilee.

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations at Fressingfield Primary School

The Jubilee got off to a flying start at Fressingfield Primary School as the children celebrated 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign with Decades Day. Each class came to school dressed in the fashions of one decade from the last 70 years. Waveney looked super stylish dressed in 60s clothes, Danube were dressed in the height of 90s fashion, Colorado were brightly dressed in neons and leg warmers because the 80s was their decade, Congo were a mixture of disco, hippy and punk which typified the 70s and Yangtze Class came as greasers and greaser girls because their era was the 1950s. At the end of the day, they entertained their parents with dances they had learnt at a celebratory assembly on the playground.

Jubilee Torch visits Fressingfield Primary School

On Thursday 26th May, the school was visited as part of the Jubilee Torch Relay around Suffolk. Two children were selected to carry the torch on its leg around the village and the school came out to cheer them on.