Our RE Morning Learning About Easter

Today at school we had an RE morning to learn about Easter. We spent time learning the Easter story and then retold it. We also sequenced the pictures to get a better understanding of the order of events. After that, we learnt about different symbols linked to Easter and why they are used. Then we found sticks on the field to make our own crosses. We had a lovely day learning about the Christian celebration!

Pancake Day 2022

We had a wonderful time this morning; we designed and cooked our own pancakes! The best part was definitely eating them! Happy Shrove Tuesday!

Our Last Forest School Session

Wow! What a fantastic time we’ve had during Forest Schools over the last 2 half-terms! We have used tools, created dens, cooked on an open fire, climbed trees, made everything we could in our mud kitchen and so much more! It was so lovely to enjoy our last Forest School session with our Reception class and nursery. Well done to all of you for your amazing Forest School journey!

Our Fantastic Visit from Hannah the Storyteller

On Wednesday we had a fantastic morning learning about mythical stories! We spent the first part of the morning learning the story about The Giant’s Causeway and then we were very lucky to have an amazing storyteller visit us. She told us the story of The King and his Donkey Ears which was funny, exciting and imaginative. We had such a wonderful time listening to her tell the story in a very fun and creative way!

Number Day 2022

Today we had a fantastic day learning about numbers up to 100. We played lots of games such as ‘higher or lower’, ‘guess the number’, ‘find the correct amount’ and ‘how can you make this number’. After that we spent time creating our own board games and enjoyed playing them with our friends in the afternoon.