European Day of Languages

​Today we celebrated European Day of Languages focusing on the country, France. We had a great time learning some French including counting to 10 and singing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes! In the afternoon we turned our classroom into a lovely French cafe and listened to music while eating croissants, pain au chocolates and drinking hot chocolates. We had a great day and look forward to celebrating it again next year!

Our Day Out at Framlingham Castle

On Thursday 30th June we visited Framlingham Castle which was a fantastic experience and we learnt so many brilliant facts! We spent time looking in the museums and sketched interesting artefacts. We climbed to the top of the castle and completed the wall walk which was very high; we could see the whole of Framlingham from the top! Furthermore, we spent time looking around the grounds and we all made a secret wish in the wishing well. We also completed the moat walk too; it was great fun exploring the moat and looking at the dungeons! We had an amazing time and everyone really enjoyed all the activities!

Pond Dipping!

On Monday in Science, we spent some time in our pond area and observed a variety of differences since the spring and autumn terms. We discussed how habitats have changed and noticed that we could see a lot more creatures compared to colder months. It was very fun identifying different animals and finding a variety of creatures!

Our RE Morning Learning About Easter

Today at school we had an RE morning to learn about Easter. We spent time learning the Easter story and then retold it. We also sequenced the pictures to get a better understanding of the order of events. After that, we learnt about different symbols linked to Easter and why they are used. Then we found sticks on the field to make our own crosses. We had a lovely day learning about the Christian celebration!

Pancake Day 2022

We had a wonderful time this morning; we designed and cooked our own pancakes! The best part was definitely eating them! Happy Shrove Tuesday!