Congo and Yangtze Class Summer Performance: Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty!

Congratulations to all the children involved in the Congo and Yangtze End of Year Performance. It was such a great show and we are so proud of you all. The singing was lively and raucous – it was wonderful to see how much you were enjoying it (but thank goodness we had Mrs Foster on the piano holding everything together!). 

Our soloists were amazing and had the audience in raptures: well done for singing so clearly and beautifully Ruby, Ivy, Imogen, Sonny and Lily, and well done Jayden for channelling your inner Rock God! We loved it! 

The acting was sensational and so convincing. Every word was clear, and your facial expressions added to the overall effect, so you had the audience in the palms of your hands: they laughed at all the jokes, cheered all your successes, booed the baddies and loved every minute of it. 

Thank you to everyone who helped us put on such a great show.

What a great occasion! Well done everyone. 

Mr L

A group of Fressingfield children recently headed off to Norwich on our annual RE trip

First we visited Norwich Synagogue. We knew it was a little different, as we could see Hebrew writing. But we recognised the Jewish Star of David. We met Deborah, who was warm, friendly and very informative. We did some role-play, imagining we were part of a Jewish family, celebrating the Sabbath (or Shabbat). Deborah shared some Jewish bread (Challah) and we lit a menorah. It all felt a little bit special. Also, we started to connect other ancient religions, like Islam and Christianity.

In the afternoon, we crossed over the road into an enormous building – it was Norwich Catholic Cathedral of St John the Baptist. This was an amazing feast for our eyes. All around were sights, colours and smells – and the strange busy sound of praying and worshipping. Our guide, Christina, took us all around, showing artworks, votive candles, statues and stained glass. Each one had a story behind it. Even the room we had our lunch in had a tale of live and power!  We left feeling we had spent time in a beautiful, holy place.

Our Day Out at Framlingham Castle

On Thursday 30th June we visited Framlingham Castle which was a fantastic experience and we learnt so many brilliant facts! We spent time looking in the museums and sketched interesting artefacts. We climbed to the top of the castle and completed the wall walk which was very high; we could see the whole of Framlingham from the top! Furthermore, we spent time looking around the grounds and we all made a secret wish in the wishing well. We also completed the moat walk too; it was great fun exploring the moat and looking at the dungeons! We had an amazing time and everyone really enjoyed all the activities!

Banham Zoo – Colorado Class

On Tuesday 28th June, Colorado Class had a fantastic time at Banham Zoo, thanks to Archie who won an art competition with his colourful lion picture. The prize was a day at the zoo for his class, with lunch provided, and a t-shirt with his picture on it for every child.

We had two very interesting talks, one on life cycles and the other on classifying creatures. We were able to touch or hold some of the creatures, including pythons and a millipede.
We saw some amazing animals – some we recognised and others that we had never seen before. The penguins seemed to be the most popular!