Our Values for Life

Ethics, vision and meaning shape education.  As a church school, we have the responsibility to embed Christian values in all we think, say and do at Fressingfield Primary.

These values are vital for a 21st century way of life, as it is our Christian tradition that shapes our present.  It is the story of Jesus that gives our values moral substance.

Our values are Courage, Trust, Creativity, Justice, Forgiveness, Peace, Humility, Truth, Thankfulness, Compassion, Hope, Friendship, Generosity, Respect, Reverence, Wisdom, Service, Perseverance and Responsibility.

These values underpin our curriculum in Fressingfield, and we focus on one each half-term in more depth in our daily worship.

 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Cycle ATrustGenerosityCompassionCourageResponsibilityService
Cycle BCreativityHumilityJusticeHopePerseveranceTruthfulness
Cycle CFriendshipPeaceReverenceForgivenessWisdomThankfulness