How to Support Your Child’s Learning

Help your child to read using phonics

Click on the link below to find an easy guide to phonics. The site has all the phonic sounds (click on – say the sounds) you will need to help your child read. Parents can also register on the website and have free access to over 250 ebooks.

Phonics Play

Another useful site –

Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge is running again this year, during the school holidays. If you would like your child to take part, please click on the link below.

For more advice regarding reading for all ages and abilities, please click on the following link to The Reading Agency.

Back to School Magazine

Take a look at Back To School Magazine, a new digital magazine for parents of primary school children. It’s full of useful information such as helping with homework, SAT’s, phonics, numeracy and literacy. Sign up now and you will receive it (at no cost) in your inbox at the start of every term.


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