Fressingfield CofE Primary SchoolFressingfield CofE Primary School

Learning to bring out the best in everyone through ‘living life in all its fullness’ – our children, our staff and the members of our whole-school community

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum underpins our vision and encompasses every aspect of school life, from lessons and assemblies to visitors and trips and even the interactions on the playground. At Fressingfield Primary School, our curriculum is driven by the aim of supporting our children to become:

  • Lifelong learners

Our curriculum is broad, balanced and stimulating; it has been designed to enable pupils to achieve the highest academic standards, to develop the knowledge and skills needed for their next stage of education and eventual employment, and to promote a positive attitude to learning. In order to develop lifelong learning skills, we also help children identify their strengths and areas of development as learners. By exploring seven learning characteristics (creativity, resilience, strategic awareness, making links, changing and learning, learning collaboratively and curiosity) we equip children with a ‘language of learning’ that underpins our learning, our curriculum and our relationships across the school.

  • Embedded in our community

We are proud to be a rural Church of England School and to play our role in serving our local communities. We believe in the power of the school and its community to enhance our children’s personal, social, cultural and spiritual lives. Our curriculum supports children to play a positive role in community life and to develop a sense belonging. At the same time, we aim to promote respect, tolerance and understanding by providing children with positive encounters and opportunities to learn about the full, diverse range of people, communities, cultures and religions that make up our United Kingdom.

  • Healthy for life

Our aim is for the children and all members of our school community to be physically and mentally healthy and to develop positive healthy attitudes and habits that will support their well-being throughout their lives. Through positive, fun experiences of play, exercise and healthy competition, and by explicitly teaching the behaviours necessary for physical and mental well-being, we support our children to develop resilience, confidence and a positive sense of self.

  • Environmentally aware

We believe in a future that is more environmentally sustainable and socially fair, where people live healthy, enjoyable lives in thriving environments. We recognise that, what our children learn today will influence how future generations live. As such, our curriculum aims to provide children with opportunities to experience the richness of our environmental diversity and to care about its management and sustainability. We also seek to nurture the knowledge, kindness, critical thinking and empathy skills and values that will allow sustainable development to flourish and a better world to emerge.

  • Rights-Respecting citizens of the world

Children cannot aspire to things they have never encountered. We will work to broaden our children’s horizons and help them develop a respectful understanding of other people, cultures and religions. Our aim is for the children of Fressingfield Primary School to see themselves as citizens of a connected world and to be prepared to play their part in it. Through an exploration of the UN Charter for the Rights of the Child, our children will develop an understanding of both their rights and their responsibilities, and how these rights apply equally to children across the world. We want to recognise our common humanity whilst celebrating our differences and diversity.