ELLI: The Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory

As you walk around our school, you will notice the seven ELLI characters in every class. They are: the Resilient Tortoise, the Curious Cat, the Connecting Spider, the Magical Unicorn, the Busy Bee, the Wise Owl and the Changing Chameleon. Each character represents a specific aspect of learning. In fact, the animals represent the seven key characteristics all successful learners share. In teaching children about these learning characteristics, our aim is to: unpick and understand the skills that underpin these strategies; support children identify their strengths as a learner, and have strategies to improve any weaker areas; and be equipped with a ‘language for learning’ they can use now and in the future.  

As children approach tasks in our school, they will often be encouraged to choose a specific learning dimension they think will support them. (For example, if children were working in a small group to prepare a short radio broadcast they might suggest the Busy Bee, which represents successful learning relationships, and the Wise Owl, which represents strategic awareness.) Similarly, when children reflect on their learning, teachers often encourage them to think not only about how well they did with the activity, but how they approached the task. 

ELLI is celebrated each week in assembly with special certificates for children who have demonstrated particular strengths with one of the dimensions.  

If you would like to know more, please read through the introduction for parents, or flick through the powerpoints we’ve shared with the children.