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Waveney Class


Our Virtual Superstar of the Week is Rio!

Well done for completing so many activities in one week! We are very impressed with your work, especially your writing. Well done, Rio!

PSHE 13th July

RE 13th July 2020

Watch the video of Jonah and the Whale,

then have a think about God’s behaviour, and also Jonah’s.

Why did God punish Jonah?

How did Jonah feel at the end of this story?

If you were Jonah, what would you have done?

Peek at the Week 3rd July


RE 6th July 2020

Could writing a letter really help someone?

How might it make someone feel to receive a letter?

Whom might you write to?

What might you tell them?

Do you have a few spare minutes?

(A text or an email would also be fine, but let us know how you get on).

PSHE 6th July

Here is a pair of sunglasses. They are to decorate, cut out and wear. Use them to look back on your year, thinking about everything you have learned. Then take them off, give them quick clean, and use them to look forward into the future. What have you missed this year? What are you looking forward to?

PSHE – Service; wc 29th June

On Friday 3rd July, it’s International No Plastics Day.  Wow!  What might this me for you and your family?  Although lots of plastic things are useful, many are not; and many are single-use.Spend a bit of time looking at the poster and web site, and discussing with your family how you might reduce the plastic you use.  How might you change things, in a way that you can all manage?

RE – Service; wc 29th June

This is a well-known story, often called, ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’.

Watch the video right through.  Whilst you are watching, think whom Joseph helped during his time away from his brothers.

Then think about the end, and think about how Joseph was able to forgive his family.  What do you think of that?  Would you have done that too?  Talk with someone about why this must have been so hard for Joseph.  How might Joseph’s life change, now he knows his family is alive?

Peek at the Week 26th June


Peek at the Week 19th June