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Many thanks to all the parents, carers and relatives who attended our recent SHARE morning on Bar Modelling. The children all enjoyed sharing their maths knowledge, and feedback from our visitors was very positive. If you missed this event, you can find the relevant PowerPoint presentation in our Maths area.

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Maths Monkey

Maths Monkey and his bag of maths will be going out in Years 1 and 2 again, due to popular demand! Children last year filled Maths Monkey’s books with all sorts of fabulous maths they were busy with at home. Year 1 and Year 2 teachers can’t wait to see how clever children can be this year!

Maths Share Morning

Many thanks to all our families who attended our recent Share morning on calculations.  So far feedback has been very positive.  The children certainly enjoyed it. If you were not able to attend and would like a handout on how we do calculations in school, there are a few copies left in the Office.

DSCF4985Maths Puzzle Winners

Well done to last month’s Maths Puzzle winners.  Fantastic work!  Winners will be able to keep our Maths Bears for a month.  Keep an eye out for this month’s Maths Puzzle, or ask Ms Perry (Maths Lead) for more details.

June Winners:  Erin, Amelia and Ella.

May Winners: Megan and Oscar

April Winners: Jessica and Sophie

Maths MonkeyMaths Monkey

Have you met Maths Monkey and his Maths Bag yet?  If your child is in Key Stage 1, keep a look out for Maths Monkey arriving on a Friday, and with your family for a week!  Maths Monkey enjoys helping your child with real-life maths, like shopping, cooking or measuring. Maths Monkey also likes to work with your child, having a go with maths they’ve been learning in class. For more details, ask your Key Stage 1 child.

Big Maths!

Fressingfield Primary had begun its Big Maths journey!  Over the last few months, teaching staff have been learning more about the Big Maths framework, by sharing a link with another school, learning more about good practice in mental methods, trialling some new counting games (last term) and trying out our new Beat It tests (this term)which, for some year groups, last just 60 seconds!  Children in Key Stage 2 now use Jotters, as part of Big Maths, to really get their calculation methods sharp, while in Key Stage 1, children are encouraged to work with a partner, to become faster and more accurate. Watch this space for more details about Big Maths!

Working Walls!

At Fressingfield we use Working Walls (or Learning Walls) in all our classrooms – for maths and literacy.  These are not used just to celebrate work, but to help children to access prior learning and make links with what they already know.  This means they will more easily apply their knowledge and skills to new areas of learning.

Things we like to display on our Working Walls:

  • Vocabulary, eg different words for all 4 maths number operations;
  • Facts, eg different types of angles or triangles;
  • Top Tips, or ways to help us learn or remember things;
  • More detailed information about writing genres, or types, eg the elements of a good story;
  • Reminders about things we are currently learning or finding tricky;
  • Some examples of high achievement or good progress in maths or English;
  • Current objectives.

Our Working Walls aren’t a work of art as they are, literally, ‘working’ displays for our classes.  Teachers will often display the document they recorded on, as this will help children to find, recall and access prior knowledge.

It makes us all happy if we see a child walk across the room to find an important piece of information – then return with the smile of success on their face.